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Find your first job in France with our French as a Foreign Language Training

Find your first job in France with our French as a Foreign Language Training

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Learn French and find your first job in France

The FLE training provided by Flexim Formation will allow you to discover and learn all the basics of the French language. During our FLE training sessions, you will acquire all the necessary skills to speak and write French. You will then be able to apply for our temporary job offers and gain independence and professional experience.  

A FLE course geared towards employment and the world of work

Generally speaking, French as a foreign language (FLE) is the French language when taught to non-French speakers, for cultural, professional or tourist purposes. It is sometimes distinguished from French as a second language (FSL) and literacy, although it is the same field of research and sometimes the same teachers.

At Flexim Formation, our objective is to train non-French speaking foreigners with a residence permit to speak French in a work context. This is why the training programme is targeted at employment. It includes modules in food hygiene and safety, animal welfare and gestures and postures in order to make learners "employable" in the food industry.

Thanks to an adaptive pedagogy, the participants in our FLE training course have all the tools to learn in the best conditions. 

Training in Auch, Condom or in-company

Flexim Formation's FLE training is given in our training centre in Auch and in Condom. Three to four training sessions are organised each year, each of which brings together around 40 temporary workers. In-company training sessions are also organised for foreigners who have already joined a company.

Get a LILATE certification after your Flexim Formation FLE course

The LILATE certification is obtained following the FLE training course and after passing a test. This test enables the candidate's level of oral and written language to be assessed. It reveals a person's operational level. This test attests to a person's oral and written skills in one or more foreign languages in a professional context.

The assessment is based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

LILATE is recognised as a professional qualification designed to demonstrate a person's operational competence to work in a foreign language, primarily the spoken language.

Mastery of the target vocabulary, the ability to express oneself and be understood, the ability to interpret and understand, the ability to interact in a specific professional environment and the target scenario are also at the heart of the assessment.

Once the certification is obtained, it is valid for 2 years.

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