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Frequently asked questions about temporary work


  • Is temporary work a good option in times of crisis?

    It is indeed a good alternative to have access to more job offers. As temporary work is often multi-sectoral, there will always be assignments in certain sectors that benefit from the crisis.

  • How to register?

    You should submit your CV on the website or reply to an offer or contact us by phone.

    If you have never been registered, you will be given an appointment at a branch near your home very quickly (usually within 2 days). It takes about 20-30 minutes for an appointment. (new registration)

    If you were registered several years ago, you will be given an appointment to update your file. The appointment takes 10-15 minutes. (updating your file)

    If you have been registered for less than 1 year, your file will be updated by telephone and by e-mail (new CV)

  • Can I register if I am a minor?

    Yes, but it will be difficult to get you to work before you come of age, because the employer has specific obligations: no more than 35 hours, no night work and no more than 8 hours of work a day.

  • What documents do I need to bring on the day of registration?

    You only need to bring your CV and proof of identity. The proof of identity will not be kept. It is only used to verify your identity.

  • I don't have a CV, can I register?

    You should try to make a single manuscript, otherwise we will take note of your different jobs.

  • I am going to look for a job during the holidays but I can't come and register, what can I do?

    You have to contact us by phone. Registration by phone and email is possible but not recommended. Only in certain cases.

  • Are student status and temporary work compatible?

    Absolutely. Not only is it legally possible to be a student and a temporary worker, but there are also many advantages to combining these two statuses.

  • How do I write my CV?

    Get help from people you know. If no one knows how to help you, go to a Pôle-emploi agency, or contact your local council: there are free services offered by the local councils or Pôle-emploi to help you write a good CV, even if you have little work experience.

  • Am I automatically registered for your 4 agencies?

    Yes, our registration file is common to all 4 agencies.

  • How often do I have to call you to update my file?

    You should call us when your situation changes significantly (new job search) or when your contact details change (mobile number or address change).


  • When will I receive my contract and how?

    You will receive the contract on your Armado space (dematerialisation) on the 1ᵉʳ day of your contract if you have an email address.

    If you do not have email, you will receive your contract by post within 1ᵉʳˢ days of the contract.

  • I need my salary and hours worked to declare myself to the job centre.

    You have to wait until the 7th of the following month (the day of the salary transfer).

  • If there is an assignment, how will you contact me?

    As soon as we have an assignment for you, we will contact you first on your mobile phone, then on your landline, and then by sending you an SMS and email if necessary. We always leave a message with our first name and telephone number so that you can contact us again.

  • I have to call you every few days to see if you have found me an assignment?

    If it is very urgent, you should call on Thursday or Friday (once a week).

    Otherwise, you have to wait. We are likely to call you Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm. Please try to be available during these times or at least call back within an hour of our message.

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  • What to do in case of illness?

    First of all, you have to inform the company where you work and then contact us by phone. We have an answering machine outside office hours. You can also send an e-mail to the contact person at FLEXIM interim.

    Concerning the sick leave, if it is stopped, it must be sent to us as soon as possible by post or e-mail or dropped off at the agency.

  • Should I send my sick leave to the company or to Flexim?

    Concerning the sick leave, if it is stopped, it must be sent to us as soon as possible by post or e-mail or dropped off at the agency.


  • What are MFIs and PCIs?

    The IFMs are the end-of-assignment or precariousness indeterminates. They are paid at the end of the contract: it therefore depends on the duration of your contracts.

    At FLEXIM interim, we try to pay them every month. These indeterminate employees represent 10% of the gross salary.

    KPIs are paid holiday allowances. In temporary work, holidays are paid and not taken. These indefinite periods represent 10% of the gross salary.

  • I don't have a bank account number, what do I do?

    We will pay you by cheque, but ideally you should provide us with a cheque in your name: it is much quicker for you.

  • Can I receive my salary from another person's account?

    No, this is impossible. It is forbidden by law.

  • When can I request a deposit?

    We can ask for a deposit after one week but we need to have received your hours from the company where you are doing the job. We make advance payments every day from Monday to Friday before 3.30 pm.

  • When do I get paid?

    In the case of temporary employment, we have until the 12th of the following month to transfer your salary. At FLEXIM interim, the salary transfer is made on the 7th of the following month. This is the time needed to collect the hours at the end of the month and to check all the pay elements.


  • How do I update my Pôle emploi details if I am a temporary worker?

    You need to go to www.pole-emploi.frUse the Pôle emploi application on your smartphone or call 3949.
    You need to find the "Update me" section and then answer a few questions. This should be done once a month.

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  • When do I get paid?

    Safety equipment is the responsibility of each company where you are going to work, but it is often the temporary employment agency that provides some of it, such as safety shoes. In this case, there are 2 possibilities:

    • You can easily get to Auch before the mission starts: you go to Vetbigore (Leclerc area) and you don't have to pay anything

    • You buy our shoes directly in another shop (DIY, garden centre or other...), you keep the receipt and you pass it on to us. The refund will be made as soon as possible within the limit of 40 € for safety shoes.

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