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How to settle in Gimont by becoming a temporary worker?

How to settle in Gimont by becoming a temporary worker?

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Temporary employment agency Gimont

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Some information about Gimont in the Gers

Gimont is the 9th largest commune in the Gers in terms of population.
The town is crossed by a charming river, a tributary of the Garonne, the Gimone.

The town has many architectural buildings which give it a certain charm and make it a relatively popular town for tourists passing through the Gers.

Why settle in Gimont?

Gimont is situated between Auch and Toulouse, the two largest cities in the area. It is therefore very well connected by train and TGV to the main cities of France, as there is a station in Gimont itself, where the TGV trains also pass through Auch and Toulouse.

All local services are available on site:
- sports facilities ;
- small and large shops ;
- schools and health facilities;
- municipal services (libraries, etc.).

The living environment is pleasant with many surrounding rivers and streams for bucolic walks and swimming in the summer.

How is the job market in Gimont?

Gimont has been a demographically stable town for a century. This means that there is enough work for people to stay in the town. Here are the main economic sectors in the Gers:

- the production of foie gras. The Gers is the leading producer of foie gras and second for duck. This involves numerous farms, as well as production plants. These industries need employees on a one-off or continuous basis to fill the various positions. Some companies are located in and around Gimont;

- maize production. As an essential cereal for feeding livestock, a lot of agricultural land is dedicated to the cultivation of maize (and to a lesser extent, other cereals). Gimont is no exception. Companies are also specialised in the manufacture and export of popcorn and other maize-based foods.

More specifically, Gimont is famous for its fat market. This is held once a week in the town. Only consumers are allowed to come and buy the products sold.

Among the 3 main recruiters in Gimont, we can mention :
- Comtesse du Barry and Ducs de Gascogne canneries;
- the Latécoère Group factory;
- the hospital of Gimont.

What about temporary work in Gimont?

There are several temporary employment agencies in Gimont.

Far ahead of the pack, FLEXIM Interim has the most positive reviews on Google (type intérim Gimont in GoogleMaps to check). This is because it is a temporary employment agency that has been established in the Gers for a long time and works with many local companies.

FLEXIM Interim is therefore able to offer temporary assignments all year round in Gimont and the surrounding area. How to find assignments in Gimont?

1. Go to the FLEXIM Interim homepage
2. Go to Jobs (top menu)
3. Press Ctrl+F on your computer (or activate the search in page option on your smartphone)
4. Type Gimont in the search bar that appears
5. Temporary jobs in Gimont are highlighted. All you have to do is make your choice!

For example, by performing the following manipulation, here are the job offers available at the time of writing (October 2021):
- verification agent in Gimont ;
- 5 forklift drivers in Gimont ;
- 5 line drivers in Gimont ;
- 3 order pickers in Gimont ;
- 1 accountant in Gimont ;
- 15 other order pickers in Gimont.

How can a temporary employment agency help me settle in Gimont?

As a temporary worker, you are entitled to specific material, human and financial assistance. This is thanks to the FASTT: Fonds d'action sociale du travail temporaire (Temporary Work Social Action Fund). All companies that hire temporary workers at least once are obliged to contribute to this fund.

You are therefore entitled to specific support. Your temporary employment agency in Gimont will put you in touch with the FASTT. You will be able to obtain aid for your installation in Gimont:
- payment of travel expenses ;
- payment of part of the costs of moving ;
- assistance in obtaining loans ;
- easier access to rental.

Ask your temp agency for more information!

In addition, the staff of the Gimont temp agency may have opportunities for you in their personal or professional network (housing, schools, service providers, etc.).

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