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Interim, zoom on the company Garage Carol

Interim, zoom on the company Garage Carol

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Our temporary employment agency would like to introduce you today to :

- the company Garage Carol ;
- the positions of HGV mechanic and bodybuilder within the company;
- the value of going through the interim to work there;
- how to work as a temp at Garage Carol ;
- The career benefits of working as a temp at Garage Carol.

We look forward to meeting you in our temporary employment agency in Auch, Gimont, Fleurance or Condom.

Presentation of the company Garage Carol in Fleurance

We would like to introduce you to the company Garage Carol, which belongs to the Alvarez group (Renault trucks).

Its mission

It is to accompany in the purchase, the sale, the maintenance, the repair of the industrial and commercial vehicles, new and of occasion all marks. For individuals and professionals.

The core business

Garage Carol offers a range of breakdown services, maintenance and repairs:

- Maintenance and mechanical repair of HGVs/semi-trailers, LCVs and light vehicles:
Brake tester - Electronic diagnostics
Geometry bench
Hydraulic hoses
Technical controls (mines, tailgates, polybenne....)

- Bodywork for HGVs / LCVs / semi-trailers :
Truck preparation and painting booth
Sandblasting area
Washing area with pit for undercarriage washing

- H24 D7 breakdown service for all types of vehicles;

- fitting out of commercial vehicles.

It also offers used vehicles and spare parts for sale. It offers commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles for hire.


The garage is located in the commune of Fleurance, in the Gers. It is more precisely located in the industrial zone, so it is very easy to access.

The team

The permanent team consists of about 15 people.
Part of the team is dedicated to accounting, human resources management, secretarial work, management and billing.
The rest of the team manages the shop, the body shop and the mechanics. It is for these positions that the company makes the most use of temporary staff.
The team in place works in a good atmosphere with a good team spirit. Come and see for yourself!

The premises

The company has 3 types of premises:
- a 600 square metre body shop;
- a 1,700 square metre mechanical garage;
- offices ;
- parking areas.
The whole area covers 17,000 m².

The garage is mostly new, bright and heated. Tools and clothing are provided. There is access to a restaurant and rest room. In short, everything you need to work in good conditions!

HGV mechanic and bodybuilder positions at Garage Carol

Garage Carol has a year-round need to strengthen its permanent technical teams. Two types of jobs are particularly sought after:

- the HGV mechanic: he/she carries out the maintenance and repair of vehicles on the company's premises. They may also be required to travel to repair broken down vehicles;
- the bodybuilder, his job is to :
- Mixing paint and checking the correct shade before application
- Checking deformations of a vehicle / interventions on structural elements
- Replace, adjust and set all types of components (removable / welded / glued / crimped...)
- Reshaping bodywork components
- Remove and reinstall mechanical components, trim elements (dashboards, etc.) and electrical and electronic components required for the work to be carried out

These jobs can of course be held by both men and women.

Why work in Fleurance as a temp?

Our temporary employment agency simplifies the recruitment and hiring process. We are the privileged interlocutor between the recruiting company and the future employee. We make sure that the contracts run smoothly in the interests of both parties.

In addition, as a temporary worker, you have access to financial, material, administrative and human benefits. You benefit from the FASTT, which helps you find accommodation, finance your move, obtain a loan, etc. In addition, you benefit from bonuses at the end of your contract.

What are the advantages for your career if you work as a temp at Garage Carol?

You will have gained experience in an SME in the Gers. You will have developed specific skills related to the position you will occupy. You will also have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with other professionals, which can be positive for developing your future professional network.

In addition, Garage Carol has a modern website. Your future employers can easily check this experience line on your CV and see that this is a serious and qualitative company.

How do I become a temp?

If you want to get a temporary contract at Garage Carol :

1/ Apply to FLEXIM Interim, highlighting your experience, if you have any, but above all your motivation!

2/ Submit your CV online here

3/ If your application is successful, all it takes is an electronic signature with Armado and you can start your assignment straight away! 

Garage Carol website

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