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Are you a student and wondering if looking for a job as a temp is a good idea? Student status is indeed compatible with temping. There are many advantages to being a temp when you are studying. There are several options for finding a student job through a temp agency.

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Can you legally be a student and a temporary worker in France?

The two statuses of student and temporary employee are legally compatible. This also applies to students with a grant. They can work as a temporary employee and still receive their full grant, because it is the parents' income that counts. Income earned by the student as a temporary employee must only be declared if it is more than 3 times the SMIC.

This is one of the advantages of temporary work: being able to combine a grant with an income, which is not possible, for example, when you are registered with the Pôle-Emploi and a student.

What are the advantages of being a student in a temporary job?

Temporary employment is a perfect fit for students. Here are the main advantages of opting for temporary work as a student.

1/ More flexibility in the duration of assignments

Temping agencies offer jobs that can take as little as 5 or 10 hours a week. This makes it possible to be compatible with taking courses.
Temporary work can also be done only at weekends, in the evening or during school holidays. Students may also be interested in short, one-off, daily temping assignments.

2/ Procedures simplified to the maximum

Once you have registered with a temporary employment agency, you can receive job offers that meet your expectations. You do not necessarily have to actively canvass anymore. The temporary employment agency has all the necessary documents for you to sign a possible contract without you having to hand them in every time.

3/ Job security

Temporary work is very well regulated in France. By working as a temp, you can be 100% sure that you will get your money on time. Employment contracts are also carefully drafted to ensure that workers' rights are respected.

4/ Ideal for summer

In many sectors, there are a lot of temporary assignments in the summer. This is often the ideal time to work as a student. Finding a temp job in a nice place can be a way to combine earning money with a sense of change.

5/ An undeniable asset for the CV

Once they have finished their studies, students who have worked during their studies have a head start over others. Indeed, having had some work experience as a temp while studying is highly valued by employers.
Temporary work allows a smooth entry into the world of work to start building up professional experience and a professional network.

But what do young people really think of temporary work? According to a Prism'Emploi survey, 77% of young people think that temporary work is a good option for building their career path (source: Prism'emploi, Opinion Way, Les jeunes et l'emploi, Baromètre 2020).

What do I need to do to be a student temp?

There are no particular steps to take with the state, even if you have a scholarship. As a temporary student, you do not have to take any more steps than an ordinary temporary worker.

The temporary employment agency offering you the job will simply ask you to provide administrative documents for your registration (identity card, proof of address, bank details, etc.). Once you have registered, you will no longer need to provide these documents.

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