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Nataïs, the popcorn specialist, is recruiting in the Gers!

Nataïs, the popcorn specialist, is recruiting in the Gers!

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Do you live in the Gers, or do you want to work there? Are you looking for a job as a forklift operator or line driver? Then find out more about the local company Nataïs in our article presenting the company, its values and its philosophy.

By reading this post, you will discover :

- the history of the Nataïs company;
- its missions and know-how;
- Nataïs values;
- Nataïs' temporary employment needs;
- Why joining Nataïs may be right for you.

The history of the local company Nataïs

In 1994, Nataïs was created in the Gers, in Bézéril, where it is still located. Initially, it was only a farm, but today you will also find :
- operation ;
- the industrial production site ;
- offices.

Nataïs' missions and expertise

Did you know that Europe's leading popcorn producer is based in the Gers?
And yes, it is Nataïs! It has no less than 35 % of market share in Europe. We'll come back to that later, but it's a real opportunity to work in a company like this, with an international reach.

Nataïs also exports outside Europe, to over 50 countries in all! 

The company specialises in a particular type of popcorn: microwaveable popcorn. It produces no less than 200 million bags per year! To do this, it harvests 55,000 tonnes of maize a year on the land of its local partners. So you can see why this growing company needs you! 

While the company specialises in microwave popcorn, it also produces bulk.

It has different types of production lines, and its employees work weekdays (2×8), nights and weekends! 

The aim of Nataïs

Nataïs, the market leader, wishes to continue optimising its production in terms of quality, innovation and carbon footprint.

To this end, it makes a point of guaranteeing 100 % of traceability, as it did in the beginning. To this end, each stage, from grain to finished product, is managed locally. An area of 7,200 hectares is cultivated according to agroecological practices! 

Of course, Nataïs remains at the heart of innovations in the agricultural and food production sector. In 2020, for example, it modernised its production process by installing a sorting tower.

The values and philosophy of the company

Nataïs aims to offer quality products while using sustainable production methods. Its farming practices are intended to be regenerative.

Like any company, it is of course seeking to increase its turnover. But it also needs to keep its environmental impact in mind. Not for the sake of greenwashing or to follow the trend of corporate social and economic responsibility. But simply because it is closely linked to the agricultural sector and to the development of its region, Occitania, and more particularly the Gers. Simply because of a real professional conscience, and because of a concern to preserve the beautiful territories of the Gers in the long term. 

Nataïs is actively involved in improving gender parity at all levels of the company, including its management committee. For the second year running, it has achieved a very good score of 95 points out of 100 in the professional equality index! Joining Nataïs means working alongside women and men who unite, share and collaborate to achieve common goals.

Cultural diversity is also the order of the day: more than 10 nationalities are represented in the company, despite the fact that this is a rural area where cosmopolitanism is not well established.

What positions are currently available at Nataïs?

Several positions are currently available:
- forklift operator
- automated production line operator

Do not hesitate to contact Flexim Interim if you wish to know more about these positions.

Here are 3 good reasons to work at Nataïs:

1/ Working in a company with strong values (economic, social and environmental)

2/ Acquire essential industrial production skills. 

3/ Using modern, secure technological tools. Nataïs pays particular attention to developing the most efficient methods and tools for food production.

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