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Fermiers du Gers, interim season: becoming an interim

Fermiers du Gers, interim season: becoming an interim

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The sector of activity

First of all, let's clarify the sector of activity. Les Fermiers du Gers specialise in poultry. You will therefore find classic poultry, but also organic or Label Rouge. Indeed, as we will see in detail, the Fermiers du Gers are part of the preservation of a terroir by supplying both the large chains and the short circuits. It is therefore an opportunity to gain a maximum of experience by supplying both the large-scale distribution and the markets.

Being part of a big family

In this article we focus on Les Fermiers du Gers. However, it is important to understand that this company belongs to a group called Les Fermiers du Sud-Ouest. It is through this group that you will be able to discover new companies. In other words, being part of the Fermiers du Gers means being able to have an eye on multiple sectors to broaden your professional horizons.

Gers farmers in statistics

To get a better idea of what a company is, let's look at some figures:

  • Les Fermiers du Gers has 292 employees
  • With a turnover of 70 million euros
  • With two sites under construction in Condom and Saramon
  • For 330,900 poultry per week, i.e. 18,600 tonnes of white meat in constant movement

In other words, Fermiers du Gers is a respected and recognised company in the poultry industry and it would not be surprising if you have already eaten one of their organic chickens.

Their commitment

Like any modern company, the Fermiers du Gers are committed to an ecological approach by offering quality chickens that comply with French and European health standards. Of course, not all the chickens are organic, but the aim is to preserve the terroir and know-how of the south-west by favouring short circuits, which represent up to 40 % of all chicken exports. Applying for the Fermiers du Gers label means taking on its values and bringing them to life in French culinary specialities, especially during the festive season when poultry consumption soars.

The advantages of working at home

To sum up, we have seen that there are many advantages to working for Fermiers du Gers. These include being part of a large company that is nationally recognised as one of the largest poultry distributors in the country. As a result, the professional experience acquired enables the development of skills that are essential to this sector of activity. This is especially true as the company has strong relationships with other food sectors. It is therefore interesting for the temporary worker to have an eye on what is actually happening in the field. However, applying for a job at Fermiers du Gers also means committing to preserving the heritage and quality of the food. Of course, you have to like being in contact with animals and taking care of them.

What do I need to prepare to become a temp?

If you want to get a temporary contract with Fermiers du Gers, you must :

1/ Apply to FLEXIM Interim, highlighting your experience, if you have any, but above all your motivation!

2/ Submit your CV online here

3/ If your application is successful, all it takes is an electronic signature with Armado and you can start your assignment straight away! 

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