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CPF account for temporary workers: Flexim supports you in Auch

CPF account for temporary workers: Flexim supports you in Auch

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What is a CPF account?

The Personal Training Account (PTA) is a virtual space that totals the number of hours of training funding you earn while working. It has existed since 2015 and replaces the DIF: droit individuel à la formation.

So this is also the name of the system that makes this possible in France, thanks to the Avenir professionnel law. The aim is to facilitate access to lifelong vocational training, even for people who are already working.

Unlike the DIF, it is easier to access and gives workers more freedom.

Each year, a full-time worker earns between 500 and 800 euros in training entitlements under the CPF.

Who can have a CPF?

All French people who meet these criteria can have a CPF:
- be over 16 years of age;
- not being retired;
- be engaged in working life (private sector employees, public sector employees, temporary workers, jobseekers, sandwich course students).

What happens if the person changes employment status?

His or her acquired CPF euros are retained and remain usable.

Which training courses are accessible via the CPF?

A wide variety of training courses are accessible via the CPF. They range from half-day or one-day courses to long courses lasting several years. These training courses can be done :
- in e-learning, whenever you want from home;
- remotely, at a fixed time and day, but from any location you wish as long as you have an internet connection;
- face-to-face, in a training institution (university, school, vocational training centre, etc.).

Here are some examples of training courses accessible via the CPF, whatever your profession and status (temporary or not):
- English language training ;
- CACES training ;
- digital marketing training ;
- VAE support ;
- competence assessment ;
- University degree ;
- Professional or research Master ;
- B licence ;
- training courses to support business creation.

Training can take place outside working hours. Otherwise, availability can be requested from the employer.

What are the specificities of the CPF for temporary workers?

There is no specificity for the CPF of a temporary worker compared to that of a private employee, for example. Both types of workers have the same continuing education rights in connection with the CPF.

If a person capitalises CPF euros when employed for several years by a temporary employment agency, they retain these capitalised euros even if they are no longer a temporary worker.

How to activate your CPF?

All you have to do is create an account on the dedicated government website. There are two ways to do this:
- connect via a tablet, computer or smartphone to this address: ;
- use the My Training Account application via a smartphone or tablet.

This site allows you to create your account and to consult the euros already accumulated, as well as to use them. All your employers are obliged to systematically declare your hours worked. This means that your euros are added up automatically, without you having to do anything. Even if you have not yet created an account on the My Training Account website.

How does Flexim intérim help you with your CPF?

Can't use the My Training Account app or website? Do not hesitate to contact your temporary employment agency.

Are there other ways of training when you are in temporary employment?

Of course! There are several types of schemes available to temporary workers. You can get help with this from :
- your temporary employment agency;

For example, you have access to the Professional Transition Project (PTP), formerly called DIF.

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