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How do I use Armado in the interim?

How do I use Armado in the interim?

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Why should I create an Armado interim account?

Armado is a platform created to connect and simplify the daily life of 3 different groups of people:
1/ temporary workers ;
2/ temporary employment agencies;
3/ companies wishing to hire temporary workers.

In general, temporary employment agencies decide to use the Armado application. In this case, clients and temps working with the agency use its services for free. This way they can have a paperless access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
- to their contracts;
- to their personal information for application and human resources purposes;
- requests for advance payments.

They can also sign contracts and request advance payments via Armado without necessarily having to go to the temporary employment agency.

Explanations of the Armado inscription

Here are some explanations that will make it easier for you to register.

How do I register with Armado?

1/ Open the link contained in the e-mail sent to you by your temporary employment agency

2/ Enter your phone number and a password

3/ The registration is already effective!

How do I log in to an Armado account?

Once you have registered, check that you have access.
1/ Go to

2/ Enter the email address you provided to your temp agency and your password in the form provided

3/ Click on connect

How to use Armado once you have created an account. Here are the different ways to use your account.

How do I update my temp profile on armado?

Go to your profile page. Complete the various sections. Then decide whether you want your profile to be public or private. You can also attach supporting documents (proof of address, photocopy of identity card, bank details, social security certificate, CV, etc.).

If you wish to indicate your availability for future assignments, go to the "Availability" section. Fill in the different fields: start date of availability, days of the week, weekends and hours.

How to sign a temporary contract on armado?

1/ Go to the Contracts section
2/ Click on Sign contracts
3/ Scroll to the bottom of the document
4/ Click on sign
5/ Enter the code received by SMS
6/ A confirmation message appears

You can also annotate a contract, or ask your agency a question about it. From the contract viewing page, click on the icon with a small pen at the top right.

How to view and print an armado document?

Under each document, you have access to icons to open, download or print them.

How do I apply for a deposit via Armado?

1/ Go to "Create" a down payment request
2/ Select your relevant temporary employment agency
3/ Fill in the various fields
4/ Finally, click on Create request

More information on how to use Armado

Are you wondering about the need for other sections? There are answers!

Can several temporary employment agencies have access to my space?

Absolutely. You can of course set the information you want to be available to one or more agencies. The contracts for each agency are not mixed, they are in separate sections.

3 ways to get help using Armado

Are there still some grey areas for you? These 3 tips will help you to make the software work even more clearly.

1/ Contact your temporary employment agency
It will provide you with additional documentation or guide you directly

2/ Contact My Armado directly
Then contact the platform directly via this url

3/ Get help from other temps
Do you have other people in your contacts who have already used this application? They may be happy to help you.

But don't forget: Armado was designed to make life easier for temps. The platform takes measures on a daily basis to improve the experience of its users. So you should soon be able to use it properly and efficiently!

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