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Top 5 supports provided to temps

Top 5 supports provided to temps

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What is FASTT for temporary workers?

The Fonds d'Action Sociale du Travail Temporaire (FASTT) is a French association. It has existed since 1992. Its aim is simple: to help all temporary workers in their professional and personal lives. To do this, it offers assistance, services and support to all employees of temporary employment agencies.

Haven't you been a temp for long? No problem! FASTT is there for you too. There is no minimum duration of temporary employment to be able to benefit from FASTT.

FASTT serves several hundred thousand people every year.

How is FASTT funded?

FASTT is financed by all companies that employ temporary workers. That is to say, temporary employment agencies. More than 1000 French companies contribute to FASTT. This allows it to benefit from a large budget of several million euros.

It is then up to the social partners to decide how to use this budget.

Top 5 services and support offered by FASTT

FASTT is active in 5 areas.

Housing subsidies

FASTT can help you find accommodation. This can be useful if your temporary assignment takes place far from your home. FASTT does not only look for a property for you: it also helps you financially. It can, for example, help you to pay the deposit or the agency fees.

It can also offer you accommodation under social criteria.

Home insurance at advantageous rates can also be offered. The multi-risk home insurance is, for example, at 10 euros/month, with 3 months free, thanks to the partnership of FASTT with a mutualist organisation.


You don't have a childcare solution for your child? No crèche, no childminder, no grandparents available? No problem: FASTT helps you to find a structure or someone to look after your child.

This is particularly helpful if your temporary assignment involves atypical working hours. For example, if you work nights, evenings or weekends.

Health: mutual and provident societies

If you have worked 414 hours as a temporary worker in the last year, good news: you can benefit from a mutual insurance scheme specially designed for temporary workers. And once again, FASTT offers it and simplifies the process of joining it.

You are also automatically covered by a provident fund. This means that if you are off work, you will receive more than just the sum allocated by the Social Security.

Facilitating transport and travel

FASTT facilitates your transport. For example, you can benefit from :
- aid to finance the B licence;
- advantageous rates for car rental;
- help to repair your broken down vehicle at low cost;
- opportunity to rent with option to buy.

Better manage your budget and finance a project

Do you have a professional or personal project that requires a certain financial investment? FASTT can help you to design this project. It provides you with tools to evaluate its relevance and find concrete solutions to finance it.

Loan or micro-credit solutions can also be discussed.

How do I know if FASTT can help me as a temp?

The temporary employment agency that hires you should give you the contact details of FASTT. They can guide you in using the services offered by FASTT.

The easiest way is to visit the FASTT website at the following address
You can already get a lot of information. The organisation can also be reached daily by telephone at 01 71 25 08 28 between 8.30 am and 7.30 pm. You can also create a FASTT online account to have access to more features. You will be able to contact the organisation via an internal mailbox, for example.

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