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How to buy or rent a house on a temporary basis?

How to buy or rent a house on a temporary basis?

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What help is there to rent or buy when you are a temp?

Often when you work in a job that is often described as 'temporary', you think that you will have more difficulties in finding accommodation. If you are well informed and take matters into your own hands (as you are doing by reading this article!), the difficulties are lifted.

Help to rent

You should already know that it is easier to rent to a private individual than to a professional when you are on temporary employment. It is precisely because estate agents often have rather rigid criteria for selecting tenants. In contrast, private individuals can be much more flexible.

Renting through an agency is still possible. Even easier thanks to FASTT, the social action fund for temporary work. Here are the aids to which you have free access as soon as you become a temporary worker thanks to the FASTT:
- FASTT helps you to promote your application to a landlord or agency;
- The FASTT can help you to finance the deposit or the fees of the agencies managing the accommodation to be rented;
- FASTT can be your rental guarantor for unpaid rent.

This aid would not be available if you were on a fixed-term or permanent contract, not on a temporary basis!

You can also take advantage of the Loca-pass advance to reduce the costs of moving to Auch. Loca-pass allows you to advance the costs associated with the security deposit often required when signing the lease.

Help to buy

In general, a temporary worker must have been working for at least 18 months to have easier access to a bank loan for a property purchase. Of course, they must also be in employment at the time of the loan application.

Here again, FASTT will only help you to buy if you are in temporary employment!


- Providing you with general and personalised advice on buying property as a temp.
- By offering you loans to carry out work in your newly acquired home. This loan can be up to 12,000 euros, with no application fees.
- Giving you access to a microcredit (up to €5,000) to cover the costs of your move.

Is it better to buy or rent when you are in a temporary job?

It depends! In reality, temporary status does not really change things. It is not so much your status, but rather other factors that should influence your choice to buy or rent. Here are some of the factors that apply whether or not you are a temp:
- Do you have a financial contribution (at least a few thousand euros) for a purchase?
- Do you intend to stay in Auch for a long time (at least a few years)?
- Are you comfortable with the idea of putting a large part of your salary into housing each month, without owning it afterwards?
- Are you managing your budget well?

Real estate in Auch

Auch is a city where the demography is quite stable. You can easily find a place to buy or rent. To get an idea of rental prices and the price per square metre for buying, look at sites such as :
- Leboncoin, by typing in "Real Estate Sales" or "Rentals" in 32 000 Auch ;
- ;
- Paruvendu ;
- real estate agency websites located in Auch.

You will see that there are several hundred homes to buy or rent in Auch and its surroundings.

How can your temp agency help you find a property?

By working as a temp, you will actually create two professional networks:
- The one linked to the temporary employment agency which acts as an intermediary;
- The one linked to the company that hires you via the interim in Auch.

The temporary employment agency in Auch puts you in touch with the FASTT so that you can take advantage of the fund's benefits. The members of the agency will no doubt also be happy to pass on to you any good tips for finding accommodation.

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