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Condom: why settle there and work as a temp?

Condom: why settle there and work as a temp?

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Why settle in Condom?

Condom is a dynamic town for a town of its size. It has, among other things, its own hospital, with more than 100 beds. There are of course several schools, including a high school. This means that children living in Condom have little time to spend on transport, regardless of their school level.

The town is connected to Auch, Cazaubon and Agen by public transport.

The climate is typical of this part of France, where you can expect to see the sun more often than in the north or east.

The town is dotted with numerous historic and eye-catching monuments. In the surrounding area, access to the unspoilt nature, meadows, hills and forests is quick and easy.

Finally, two rivers run through the town, which gives it charm and makes water sports possible.

The job market in Condom

Three sectors are particularly important for employment in Condom and its surroundings:
- tourism, especially "farm tourism". The commune is also close to the pilgrimage routes of Compostela;
- agriculture: duck, pig and veal breeding; production of Armagnac, Floc de Gascogne and foie gras; cultivation of cereals, maize, sunflower and various vegetable crops;
- trade: local products, in particular ;
- Food processing: this sector generates the vast majority of industrial jobs. It is also in this sector that there are the most jobs via temporary employment agencies.

How can I find a job in Condom via temporary work?

The FLEXIM Interim agency in Condom operates in a simple and efficient manner:
1/ you contact us, preferably by coming to visit us on site. You can come directly with your complete file, which will save everyone time;
2/ we study together your profile, your desires and the reality of the local job market;
3/ we will present you with job offers as soon as possible;
4/ we regularly come back to you with new job offers that correspond to your expectations. You don't need to be proactive, once you have registered with our agency, although there is nothing to stop you from regularly browsing our regularly updated catalogue of temporary job offers;
5/ you sign your contract and start working in Condom and its surroundings;
6/ you receive your first salary and payslip via our temporary employment agency;
7/ At the end of the assignment of several days, weeks or months, you can go straight to a new temporary job.

How can a temporary employment agency help you in Condom?

If you have just arrived in the region, department or municipality, it can be difficult to find a job straight away. First you need to get your bearings and start building up a professional network.

Until you have a better idea of the location and the job market, you can call on the specialists of the job market in the area: the temporary employment agencies. They will help you find your first job more quickly. Even though temporary employment agencies are known for temporary work, you will also have access to long-term offers. Companies have constant needs, and if your first experience goes well, you will probably be able to move on to other assignments.

This does not mean that you are committed to temping for ever! As the weeks go by, you will start to build up a professional network and become more familiar with local companies. You may have other job opportunities that arise from your temping experiences.

You can also develop internally in the company that recruited you on a temporary basis.

FLEXIM interim in Condom

Active for more than 10 years, our temporary employment agency in Condom is No. 1 in the Google Maps ranking in terms of the number of reviews (more than 40 in September 2021) and popularity (first place on the searches for "temporary employment").

You can contact us at
register with the temporary employment agency in Condom
- by mail;
- by telephone;
- by coming directly to our agency in Condom.

Our Condom branch is also linked to our other temporary employment agencies in the Gers. If you wish, you can therefore have access to job offers in most of the other communes of the Gers.

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