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Material handler: find a temporary job in the Gers

Material handler: find a temporary job in the Gers

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What is a typical day for a handler?

The material handler (also known as heavy load handler, loader or unloader handler, dock handler) performs the following tasks:
- receiving packages or goods;
- he puts it away;
- it collects products ;
- he packs them in;
- it gathers them in one place;
- he enters information on a computer workstation;
- he cleans the areas where he has worked.

These different stages are carried out several times a day, or over several days, depending on the size of the company and the orders. They take place in a department store, a warehouse, a production plant or a storage platform.

In order to be faster, they sometimes use motorised or non-motorised equipment: hand trucks, forklifts, trolleys, hoists, etc.

What training should I do to become a warehouseman?

There are a number of handler positions around Auch, Condom, Fleurance or Gimont that are accessible without any particular training. A minimum of internal training will be provided.

However, it is still possible to train more specifically through the following initial training courses:
- CAP Warehousing ;
- CAP Professional Packaging ;
- CAP Distribution Sales ;
- CAP Warehousing and Courier Agent ;
- BEP Logistics and Transport ;
- BAC Pro Logistics ;
- Professional title warehouse agent.

Advantages of working as a material handler

The main advantage of the material handler job is that it is very accessible because :
- There is a high demand, many positions are not filled all year round;
- no special training or experience is required;
- the needs are in all territories, rural or not.

Thus, a person who would like to work, for example, in the Gers to avoid moving will probably be able to find a job quickly. Geographical mobility is also possible for those who prefer it.

Other benefits of being a material handler are:
- the possibility of working different shifts (day or night, weekend or not, etc.);
- the possibility of climbing the ladder internally even without a long education;
- the fact that a small amount of experience gained on a temporary basis, even for only a few weeks, can be used to gain experience in another position.

Disadvantages of being a handler

Depending on where it is performed, the job of a materials handler can be physically demanding. It may involve carrying heavy loads with suitable equipment, but it still requires muscle strength and endurance. For some people this is not a disadvantage, as they enjoy physical work.

Others may find the tasks routine. Again, this necessarily depends on the place of work and the tasks that are given

How to find a job as a material handler efficiently?

The easiest and quickest solution is to register with a temporary employment agency in the region where you are looking for a job. For example, if you are looking to work in the Gers, register with Flexim Interim in Auch, Condom, Fleurance or Gimont!

You can also register with temporary employment agencies with a national network. This is often possible via the internet.

Finally, you can apply for jobs directly, without going through an intermediary. You can find ads of this type on :
- Indeed ;
- Linkedin ;
- the website of your municipality, your community of municipalities or your department;
- sites dedicated to the recruitment of warehouse workers and related occupations.

How much does a handler earn?

In general, the basic salary of a material handler at the beginning of their career is equivalent to the minimum wage. If you work on a temporary basis, however, you will receive bonuses. This is also the case if you accept night or weekend shifts.

Then your salary will change over time. The increase may be greater if you gradually take up positions with more responsibility: stock manager, team leader, crane operator, etc.

What are the handling needs in the Gers?

Type "Gers handling" in Google to see... You will see that there are many vacancies in the Gers!

If you would like to be offered jobs that match your profile, go through a temporary employment agency like Flexim Interim. Our 4 strategically located agencies in Fleurance, Gimont, Condom and Auch enable us to offer jobs throughout the Gers.

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