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7 reasons: how to change jobs through temping

7 reasons: how to change jobs through temping

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The French want to change jobs: the figures

Several studies have been conducted to observe employment behaviour during and after periods of confinement. These studies interviewed thousands of employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers and temporary workers via the internet. Here is a brief summary:

- 1 in 2 employees have started or intensified their search for a new job;

- Of these employees, 53 % wanted to develop new skills or embark on a new project. 36 % instead simply wanted to move to another region;

- 33 % of European workers wanted to develop professionally;

- Job vacancies in web and software development, engineering, artificial intelligence and more generally IT have increased proportionally during this period.

These studies were conducted by Hellowork, Yougov and Linkedin.

How can you change jobs through temporary work?
Changing jobs, a new start, a new chance

7 reasons to become a temp to find a new job

These are 7 reasons why people who are in the process of changing jobs should turn to temporary work.

Geographical mobility

Would you like to move to another part of France? Or on the contrary, do you want to stay in your locality? It doesn't matter! With temporary work, everything is possible. Some temporary employment agencies offer jobs in a specific area, usually a department. Others, on the other hand, put job offers online throughout France, via a network of interconnected agencies.

So choose the temporary employment agency whose geographical scope matches your expectations.


You do not have a long-term commitment to a temporary employment agency if you do not want to. When you register, specify exactly what type of contract you are looking for. You can opt for very short-term contracts.

This way you can try out different jobs and end the experience quickly if it doesn't suit you. Temporary employment agencies are often quite interested in these multi-taskers, open to different experiences.

This does not mean that you will never be able to get a long-term job as a temporary worker or through a temporary employment agency. On the contrary, these companies are increasingly offering long-term or even permanent jobs.

Risk minimisation

If you remain in salaried employment or self-employment, your status is not very flexible. You can less easily change jobs, move from one contract to another or from one status to another. Because each time you do, you have to go through a lot of red tape.

Also, if you decide to try out a new profession as a salaried employee or as a self-employed person, you will be taking a greater risk: potential loss of time and money in various procedures.

With temporary employment, you minimise this risk. You will have less administrative work to do between each assignment, which is not very stimulating. And the temporary employment agency guides you through these steps.

The simplicity of the process

The temporary employment agency assists you with all the necessary steps. All you have to do is provide the papers they ask for. This way you are well guided and can spend time getting really involved in your new job.

The scope of the offer

Temporary work covers absolutely all sectors of activity. Do you want to change jobs, but also sectors? Would you like to try out jobs in different sectors?

By being registered with one temp agency, you can find assignments in different sectors. Without having to justify your changing profile excessively.

The freedom to choose

You are always free to refuse any assignment that is offered to you. You do not have to justify this.

Flexibility of contract duration

Are you available to try out a career change for only a few weeks? Or on the contrary, would you like to try out a new job for several months? Temporary work can be easily adapted to your requirements.

Before you apply for a temporary job, tell the temporary employment agency what the ideal length of contract is. This will ensure that you are offered suitable job offers.

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