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Settling in Auch and finding a job: temporary work is the solution

Settling in Auch and finding a job: temporary work is the solution

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Why move to Auch?

Auch is an attractive city thanks to at least 4 characteristics:
- its status as the prefecture of the Gers: many administrations are present in the town;
- its geographical location where it is pleasant to live and its easy access by any means of transport;
- its size: all amenities are available, but it keeps a human dimension;
- its gastronomy.

Thus, many people come to Auch every year, and you are probably one of them!

What is the quality of life in Auch?

Auch enjoys a high quality of life:
- The climate is mild, oceanic or even Mediterranean;
- Precipitation is of moderate frequency and intensity;
- the city is green, surrounded by many hills with little urbanisation;
- the architectural heritage is rich, the city centre preserved;
- the property prices are still reasonable for a city in the south of France.

What are the facilities and infrastructures in Auch?

Auch being a prefecture, it has been very well equipped for several decades.
There are many schools where children, teenagers and young adults can complete their education. From kindergarten to higher education.

Of course, there is a hospital in Auch with a capacity of over 500 beds, with an emergency service, medicine, surgery and EHPAD.

There are many sports facilities and outdoor games for children in the city.

Finally, the network of public transport, but also of cycle paths, is sufficiently developed to avoid the need to resort to the all-car.

Who can help you with your installation in Auch?

Don't hesitate to contact the Auch tourist office who can help you, even if you are not coming as a tourist!

If you decide to work as a temporary worker, you should know that temporary employment agencies such as FLEXIM offer installation assistance. This is done through the FASTT (Fonds d'Action Sociale du Travail Temporaire), which is only available to those with temporary status. You can, for example, be entitled to accommodation at advantageous rates, well located in Auch.

How is the job market in Auch?

Auch is not only a prefecture, but also the seat of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Gers. Auch also has a large business park.

The main employers in the municipality are
- Auch Hyper Distribution (E.Leclerc),
- JCB Aero,
- Positronic Industries,
- Cartonnages d'Auch85.

All these employers are likely to call on temporary staff to find temporary or permanent employees. Many food industries are also located around Auch, in the Gers countryside.

Why is a temporary job in Auch a good first step?

Temping allows you to test two things:
- the quality of life in Auch. Is this city really for you? Do you plan to live here in the long term? If so, in which district?
- employment. Do I like this sector? Is the atmosphere good? Do I really want this type of job?

Committing directly to a permanent or long-term contract can be a source of anxiety when moving to a new city. With temporary work, you don't necessarily have that long-term commitment.

In addition, you can have access to human, financial and material aid to facilitate your installation in the Gers.

Flexim intérim, the temporary employment agency in Auch

Are you convinced that temping is the right option for you? Do you still have questions about moving to Auch, and how a temp agency can help you?

Please feel free to browse the website of our temporary employment agency. You will find a lot of information. Contact us by e-mail, phone or come and visit us at our office in Auch as soon as you arrive!

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