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Temporary job at Dartus as mechanic or salesman

Temporary job at Dartus as mechanic or salesman

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We would like to introduce you to the company Dartus. Our temporary employment agency supports this local company with a regional or even national scope in its recruitment of temporary staff. In this article, you will discover :

- the jobs that are often available at Dartus;
- a presentation of the company Dartus, in and around Auch;
- the value of working through a temporary employment agency;
- the career benefits of having experience at Dartus.

If this blog is not enough to answer all your questions, we will be happy to answer them by phone, email, or if you come to one of our agencies in Fleurance, Auch, Gimont or Condom!

The Dartus company: presentation

The company and the Dartus group are a family business created in 1966 in the Gers, more precisely in Sainte-Christie. Its founder is Alain Dartus, a car enthusiast. He created the first of the group's three companies: the Dartus garage, a dealership for the sale and repair of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

With the help of his son Christophe, he has adapted over the years and decades to the changing demands of customers. They have diversified their business by adding a sales and repair service for light vehicles, commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles. They have also offered their historical garage services for a new brand: Toyota. This has been the case since 1985.

Since 2012, the company has further developed and diversified by offering private individuals and professionals a range of lifting equipment with mobile and crawler cranes, transport and handling.

In addition, a body shop was commissioned in 2014.

Currently, there are more than 120 employees in the group, and several dealerships and agencies. Many professions are represented: mechanics, crane operators, receptionists, warehousemen, salesmen, accountants, administrative positions, drivers, bodyworkers, painters, etc.

The company continues to expand and is constantly looking for new employees, on temporary, fixed-term and permanent contracts. Its two main criteria for selecting candidates are :
- motivation ;
- a sense of customer service.

The company is keen to maintain its good reputation in the Gers.

Temporary employment at Dartus: requirements

In particular, there are vacancies for sales staff and mechanics, via temporary employment.
By contacting our temporary employment agency, you will have access to the precise description of each of these positions. You will have the opportunity to work in one of the agencies, dealerships or mechanical workshops of the Dartus group in the Gers.

Why work at Dartus through a temporary employment agency?

There are two main types of advantages to going through the interim:
- practical benefits ;
- financial benefits.

As far as practical advantages are concerned, Flexim Interim simplifies the process of finding a job. All you have to do is submit a complete application file to the agency. Once submitted, the temporary employment agency takes care of everything. All you have to do is sign your contract with Dartus through the agency and start working! The temporary employment agency will pay you your salary and send you your payslips.

There are also financial advantages to being a temporary worker. At the end of your contract, you will receive a precariousness bonus, which does not exist when you have a permanent contract. In addition, you have access to the services offered by the FASTT, the Fonds d'Action Sociale du Travail Temporaire (Temporary Work Social Action Fund). This fund helps you materially, financially and humanely to move, find accommodation, have your children looked after, obtain a loan, etc. You can only access it if you are a temporary worker.

How can I work as a temporary employee at Dartus?

The process is very simple, that's the advantage of using a temp agency! The temporary employment agency acts as an intermediary between you and Dartus.

What is the advantage of having work experience at Dartus?

The Dartus group is a renowned group in the Gers. By working with them, you will develop your professional network. In addition, it will enrich your CV.

Interim employment Dartus

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