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One-day interim assignment: all the info

One-day interim assignment: all the info

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Interim assignment 1 day: definition

A temporary employment contract has a duration fixed by law. It lasts :
- at least one day ;
- maximum 18 to 24 months.

When the mission lasts one day, it does not, of course, last 24 hours, but generally 7 to 12 hours. It can be carried out on a day or night shift. Whatever the duration of the assignment, the employer has the same obligations towards the temporary worker.

Advantages and disadvantages of one-day assignments

Some people are happy to take on one-day assignments. Others prefer longer assignments.

The benefits of one-day assignments

- Beginners are often accepted.
- It is a way to test the temporary work: interactions with the agency and the company, payment deadlines, available information, support, etc.
- It is also a way of testing a new sector of activity or a new trade. It is difficult to commit to a job for several months that you know little about and that you may not like. Testing it out for a day, without commitment, can then be relevant.
- One-day assignments are rarely a one-shot deal. Other one-day or longer assignments are often offered afterwards by the temporary employment agency or the company.
- This allows them to work while waiting for longer assignments.

The disadvantages of daily temping assignments

- Some people find it time-consuming to fill in documents for a single day's work.
- Some people find it difficult to be productive after a few minutes on a job. They therefore feel unproductive over the course of a day.

In which sector can I find a one-day assignment?

Here are the sectors and occupations where you are most likely to find day jobs:
- health: nursing assistant, state-registered nurse;
- hotel and catering: kitchen assistant, waiter ;
- industry: inventory clerk, forklift operator, handler, production worker, order picker, etc. ;
- construction: machine operator, painter, welder,
- field investigator.

How do I find one-day assignments?

If you are registered with a temporary employment agency, simply indicate that you are open to one-day assignments. If you are looking for assignments on the internet, type in keywords such as :
- 1 day interim assignment;
- This is a "one-day interim assignment".

These keywords can be entered:
- directly into your general search engine, such as Google ;
- in the search engine of a temporary employment agency.

How much is a day's work paid for as a temp?

It is normal to want to know the minimum wage for a day's work as a temp. For example, one might wonder whether there are bonuses for such short contracts.

The precariousness premium does apply to daily assignments. It is 10%. However, it is not increased: whether the contract lasts 1 day or 500 days, the same percentage is applied.

The minimum wage for a day of temporary work is therefore the SMIC multiplied by the number of hours worked, with the bonuses usually applicable in temporary work. These are the end-of-assignment bonus (or precariousness bonus) of 10% and the paid holiday bonus (also 10%).

How does a temporary assignment work in a day?

It all depends of course on the sector of activity, the job, the company and the candidate's previous experience.

In general, you will have signed your contract and dealt with all the administrative formalities before this day. You will then only have to :
- get to the workplace;
- Implement the instructions that have been or will be provided to you;
- take your allotted break time;
- go home.

When you work on a day job, you will probably have someone to guide you and to whom you can ask any questions.

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