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Company in the building Rotge and interim in Auch

Company in the building Rotge and interim in Auch

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The company Rotge bâtiment is regularly looking for new employees to carry out its structural work and roofing and zinc work. Submit your CV here to apply.

We would like to introduce you to this friendly family business.

History of the company Rotge bâtiment

Rotge bâtiment is a family business created and active in the Gers since 2012. Its manager is Jean-Luc Rotgé, formerly technical director for 20 years of another building company (Gascon building).

Jean-Luc Rotgé has surrounded himself with certain members of his family with complementary skills, experience and training to run the Rotge company:
- his wife, Rotgé Anne, for administration and accounting;
- his son, Rotgé Charles, works manager;
- his daughter, Rotgé Émilie, for responding to calls for tender, managing human resources and temporary work.

The Rotge bâtiment company is therefore a family and local SME: all the people who make up the company live in the Gers.

Sectors of activity of the company Rotge bâtiment

The company's general sectors of activity are general masonry, carpentry and roofing. 80 % of the activity is devoted to structural work, the company's core business. The rest of the activity is focused on roofing and zinc work.

The company takes on new projects mainly by responding to calls for tender from public contracts (80 % of the activity). It also handles projects by responding to requests from private architects or individuals.

Some examples of projects carried out in recent years are
- construction of the 62-bed establishment for dependent elderly people (EHPAD) in Gimont in the Gers;
- construction of a centre for people with disabilities in Ladeveze;
- construction of a paediatric centre also for people with disabilities in Roquetaillade.

Recruitment, management and training policy

The manager of Rotge bâtiment is keen to disseminate his know-how and his technical and more general knowledge of the sector. This is why the company participates in the training of tomorrow's building professionals.

Thus, the company regularly hosts :
- people on sandwich courses. For example, at present, a trainee works for two years and supervises the work sites;
- trainees to discover the business sector.

The following are the skills that temporary workers and apprentices can acquire while working in the company.
- Control of price studies
- Work supervision and team management
- Sense of responsibility, autonomy and methodology
- Improve interpersonal skills with all the players in the building industry, while being
rigorous and proactive on objectives
- Better forecasting, anticipating, reacting and adapting to the pressure of the market and the competition
- Learning to federate teams

All the people working in the company, whether they are trainees, workers or office staff, can get involved and participate in all the company's activities: site meetings, choice of material investments, site management.

Involving staff keeps everyone motivated and helps them to understand how the business works in its overall context. It is also more rewarding.

Of course, the manager and his partners are attentive to the quality of work and the well-being of the entire team. This is simply for humanistic reasons, but also because they are aware that a happy and fulfilled employee or temporary worker will be all the more effective professionally.

Professional network of the company Rotge bâtiment

By working in the company, you will have privileged contact with many other local players in the construction industry. You will be able to network professionally with masons, architects, quantity surveyors, project managers, building owners, suppliers and wholesalers of equipment and raw materials.

A definite added value for your CV and future collaborations!

Company certifications

The company has 3 different certifications:
- QUALIBAT certification
- BIOM certification
- ETHIBAT CHARTER certification.

You will find out more about these certifications and the interest after an interim experience in the company.

Where does Rotgé bâtiment operate in the Gers and surrounding areas?

The Rotgé company favours local sites, in the Gers, and more particularly around Auch. However, the company's professional network extends throughout the Haute-Garonne and the Hautes-Pyrénées.

The fact that the company is locally based improves the quality of life at work. Staff spend less time on the road and more time on their core business.

ROTGE website

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