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Moving to Fleurance: why is temporary work a good option?

Moving to Fleurance: why is temporary work a good option?

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A few words to help you discover Fleurance

Fleurance is a town of about 6000 inhabitants. It is a rural commune. The nearest large town is Auch, prefecture of the Gers. Fleurance is situated between Auch and Agen, another large town in the area.

Since the 1920s, the population of Fleurance has been growing. This is proof of its attractiveness.

The city has several schools and colleges. The secondary schools are accessible by public transport, but are located in other municipalities, as are the higher education institutions.

A hospital is located in the commune of Fleurance. In total, the health establishment has 400 beds and a day care centre. The beds are spread over different sites, including neighbouring communes.

A multidisciplinary and inter-communal health centre is also located in the commune.

Of course, there are many shops in the town. So are the sports facilities and children's playgrounds.

The Gers is a river that borders Fleurance. It is the ideal place for jogging, family walks and outdoor sports sessions.

Why settle in Fleurance?

Fleurance is very well situated: it links Agen to Auch, two towns with all amenities. However, there are all the advantages of the countryside in Fleurance: numerous hiking trails border the town. The everyday life is pleasant thanks to the Gers river which borders the town.

In addition, many companies are located in Fleurance and the surrounding area. You can find work in various sectors.

How is the job market in Fleurance?

The Gers has two main sectors of activity which provide employment:
- agriculture and agri-food (cultivation and processing of maize, wheat, rape and sunflower, production of foie gras, etc.);
- tourism (Auch airport, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.).

In Fleurance, several industries are located:
- mechanical and metal constructions ;
- buildings and public works ;
- natural and local products;
- cannery ;
- agricultural cooperative ;
- organic and fair trade.

There is also a 9-hole golf course in the municipality.

What about temporary work in Fleurance?

Many companies have their headquarters in Fleurance or in the surrounding villages. They have to deal with increased activity at certain times of the year and therefore use temporary staff. Whatever the period in which you wish to settle in Fleurance, it is obvious that there will be temporary positions to fill in several sectors of activity.

How can a temporary employment agency help me settle in Fleurance?

If you work as a temporary worker, you are entitled to specific material, financial and human support. This is made possible by the FASTT, to which all employers of temporary workers must contribute. This will make it easier for you to find accommodation in Fleurance, to access childcare, or even to obtain a loan with help. Your removal and transport to Fleurance may also be partly covered.

Which temporary employment agency should I choose in Fleurance?

Our temporary employment agency is number 1 on Google Maps in Fleurance. We have been in business for over 10 years in the area, which gives us the confidence of local businesses. You can check out the ten or so Google reviews online that show the seriousness and friendliness of our Fleurance agency, which has a rating of 4.9/5 on 8 October 2021.

Our temporary employment agency is located in the centre of Fleurance You'll have no trouble spotting us!

If you want to get a taste of the job offers to be filled via Flexim in Fleurance, go to then :
- click on job offers ;
- press ctrl+F on your computer keyboard (or use the search option on the page from your smartphone);
- type in Fleurance.

This will show you all the temporary jobs we have available in Fleurance.

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