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Temporary jobs in the food industry

Temporary jobs in the food industry

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Flexim Interim tells you more about :
- the different interim sectors of the industry ;
- the various temporary jobs in the food industry ;
- how to find a temporary job in the food industry ;
- qualities and skills to have ;
- the specificities of temporary employment in the agri-food sector.

Table of contents

What are the different sectors of temporary work in the industry?

The industrial sector is a major provider of temporary jobs in France. Indeed, France's economic activity is largely based on this sector. This is also the case in the Gers, where Flexim Interim is located. It was also one of the first countries to experience the industrial revolution at the beginning of the 19th century.

These are the main French industrial sectors that are recruiting for temporary work:
- the food industry ;
- the pharmaceutical industry ;
- the metal industry ;
- the transport industry ;
- the textile industry ;
- the electronics and equipment industry.

Today, we are detailing temporary employment in the food sector.

What are the different temporary jobs in the food industry?

The agri-food industry includes all activities that transform products from fishing, breeding or cultivation into food products intended mainly for human beings, sometimes for animals.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main jobs in the agri-food sector. All of them are accessible via temporary employment:
- workshop manager (manages his workshop or production team);
- food worker (he works in different food production companies);
- production agent (works in production according to a specific procedure);
- line operator (supervises the entire automated or non-automated production line);
- commercial ;
- packaging operator or palletiser (he packages the products).

How can I find temporary jobs in the food industry?

Whichever temp agency you use, it is almost certain that they have assignments in the food industry.

To find an assignment, simply type in the search engine :

- agribusiness
- interim food processing
- production agent
- manufacturing workshop
- line conductor
- packaging
- food
- food.

What qualities and skills are needed to work as a temp in the food industry?

There are many different jobs and professions in the agri-food sector. Some of them are accessible without a baccalaureate, and even without training. They do not therefore require any particular skills, except for being punctual and knowing how to follow simple instructions, while being in fairly good physical shape.

Other temporary jobs in the food industry are more demanding. They require a CAP, BTS, or post-baccalaureate training, sometimes up to BAC+5.

In any case, your temp agency will indicate in the advert the skills and training you need to be able to hope to win an assignment.

Here are some examples of the profiles sought for different types of positions:

1/ Packer
Similar experience
Long availability

2/ Food processing worker
Good manners
Experience in the same type of position

3/ Production team leader
BAC+2 to BAC+5
First managerial experience or good argument to justify your application for this type of position
Positive communication
Real organisational skills
Mastery of the office suite

4/ Commercial
BAC Pro, BTS, Licence or Master Commerce
5 years experience in a similar position
Regional mobility
Excellent presentation and elocution

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