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Temporary employment agencies: 3 tips for registering anywhere in the Gers

Temporary employment agencies: 3 tips for registering anywhere in the Gers

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What documents do I need to register with a temporary employment agency?

There are two documents which are systematically requested by temporary employment agencies:
- your CV ;
- a proof of identity (identity card, passport, driving licence, etc.).

You can take the original with you, a photocopy will be made. This saves you time.

Some temporary employment agencies will ask you for more documents. You can always hand them in later. Make the most of your time by taking only the essentials to your first appointment.

In case of online registration, provide all the requested documents. Create a folder on your desktop containing scans of all the necessary standard documents (identity card, CV, proof of residence, carte vitale or certificate of entitlement to health insurance, bank details, last 3 payslips, last medical certificate).

Suggest to the temporary employment agency that they email any missing documents as soon as possible. This way you will never be penalised for not having given all the documents on the first day.

registration with the interim agency in auch, condom, gimont, fleurance
Registration at the interim agency in Auch, Condom, Gimont, Fleurance

Can I still register online to be a temp?

Some temporary employment agencies are rather reluctant to register online. Indeed, they can sometimes indicate a lack of interest on the part of the job seeker. The trick? Go to the temporary employment agencies within 30 km of your home and contact the others by internet or telephone.

Example: You live in Fleurance in the Gers. Register with the temporary employment agencies in Fleurance, but also in Condom, Auch and Gimontby moving around. Contact by mail and telephone the temporary employment agencies in other cities.

How can I register with several temporary employment agencies at the same time?

Some temporary employment agencies operate in a network. You only need to register with one agency to be registered with all the agencies in the network. This is the case with the big national names in temporary work, but also for more intimate agencies.

Go to your nearest temporary employment agency. They will tell you directly which other agencies you are also registered with.

Next, look on the internet for multi-site temporary employment agencies. They generally offer online registration or registration by telephone and e-mail. This way, you can register with dozens of agencies in France in just a few minutes.

3 tips that work for a quick registration in a temp agency.

Favouring online registration

For several years, and especially since 2020 and COVID-19, online registrations at temping agencies are encouraged and most often possible. Take the time to visit the temping agencies near you.

On the other hand, cast your net wide. Register with all the temporary employment agencies that offer online registration, making sure you specify your availability and mobility. To identify them, type in keywords such as "online temp registration"., "temporary employment registration", You can search for "temporary agency registration" in a search engine.

Always attach a comprehensive and concise standard CV

The CV is not necessarily as popular as it used to be for getting a job. However, temporary employment agencies are still attached to this document. It allows them to get a quick and precise idea of the candidate. Above all, they have something to show the company looking for an employee about the potential candidate right away.

Even if the temporary employment agency does not explicitly require it, always attach a CV, even if it is not very full. Get help from friends and family or from Pôle-emploi if you do not know how to write it. If you are not a jobseeker, contact your town hall: most town halls provide free services to help jobseekers find work. They will be able to guide you in writing a good CV, even with little work experience.

Target temporary employment agencies near you

Do you live in Auch, Gimont, Condom or Fleurance? First of all, register with the temporary employment agencies in these towns, such as theFlexim temporary employment agency in Auch, Fleurance, Gimont and Condom. As you live in this area, your application is more likely to be accepted. A bond of trust is established much more quickly between you and the temporary employment agency because of your geographical proximity.

Someone who does not live in the Gers should of course contact the temporary employment agencies in their own department first.

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