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Everything you need to know about temporary work at weekends

Everything you need to know about temporary work at weekends

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When is a temporary assignment considered to take place at the weekend?

All jobs that run from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight are considered weekend jobs. If your assignment starts on Saturday night at 8pm until Sunday at 8am, you will have 8 hours which will be worked and paid as a Sunday. Even if the assignment starts on Saturday.

What are the advantages of working as a temp at the weekend?

The main advantage is that you have the whole week (or part of it) to do what you want. It is easier to make doctor's appointments, to do your shopping outside of rush hour, to manage all the administrative tasks, to pick up your children from school, especially at lunchtime...

The second possible advantage is the better pay. In most sectors, you will get an extra income for working on Sundays as a temp.

The third reason for going into weekend jobs is the high demand. The profiles of people who want to work at weekends are rarer, but the demand is there. It will therefore be easier to find a night job than a day job in certain sectors.

Finally, temporary work at weekends also allows students to attend classes during the week.

What are the disadvantages of weekend assignments?

If you decide to work only on weekends and public holidays, you may be working part-time. This may mean a lower income than working full-time during the week, depending on the agreement that applies in your sector.

The second potential disadvantage is compatibility with your personal life. People with children or a busy family life will have to take time off when childcare or meeting other family members is frequent.

What does the law say about temporary work at weekends?

There are no specific regulations on temporary agency work at weekends. The general labour legislation applies.

Sunday is therefore a day that must be off in most cases, whether or not it is a temporary one. However, some sectors are exempt from this obligation due to the nature of their activity.

The law does not oblige employers to pay their employees more at weekends. However, the collective agreements of the sectors of activity may oblige employers to pay their employees, even temporary workers, more at weekends. This is the case, for example, in the health sector or in commerce.

The law is the same for public holidays.

Which occupations are most involved in weekend temping?

These are jobs that cannot be stopped at the weekend. This mainly concerns the following sectors
- health ;
- hotel and catering ;
- buildings and public works ;
- food industry and other industries, especially those operating in 3×8 shifts for efficiency reasons;
- distribution and trade.

Here is also an overview of the trades concerned;
- machine operator ;
- nurse and care assistant ;
- cashier ;
- night watchman ;
- receptionist ;
- chef de rang ;
- production operator ;
- maintenance operator ;
- skilled worker ;
- truck driver.

How can I find temporary work at weekends in and around Auch?

The search engine of our interim agency in Auch, Fleurance, Condom and Gimont is particularly suitable. Simply type in the keyword "weekend". If there are any weekend jobs currently available, you will automatically be presented with them. They will be in the area of the Gers that interests you.

Can't find what you're looking for? Do not hesitate to contact one of our agencies to be kept informed of new opportunities! By e-mail, telephone or by visiting our offices in Auch or elsewhere. Specify that you are looking to work partially or totally at weekends.

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