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Aurian and Interim: a liquor company that recruits

Aurian and Interim: a liquor company that recruits

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Aurian's sector of activity

Aurian is a food processing company located in Condom in the Gers region of France, which produces various artisanal liqueurs, aperitif wines, beers, armagnac and other traditional aperitifs. The Aurian company is composed of a small team to which are regularly added temporary workers.

History of the company

The history of the Aurian House began in the family in 1880 with Armagnac. Then, Aurian started to trade in liqueurs in the 1980s. Since then, it has been constantly innovating with new recipes for liqueurs and aperitifs in the heart of the flourishing Gers region. It is a family business that has remained authentic while being bold and inventive, improving its recipes year after year.

How does this artisanal liqueur maker make his liqueurs?

As you can see, Maison Aurian makes its liqueurs in an authentic, traditional way. Some are prepared using maceration and infusion techniques of fruits or natural plants. Others are made with plant distillates and essential oils. Speaking of preparation, no less than 200 tests are carried out each year in order to always offer high quality products.


The Gers region is one of the most renowned in the production of armagnac. Aurian armagnacs are woody, complex, and stored in wooden barrels to express the specific taste of this brandy, which is its trademark. Aurian does not use any colouring agents or additives. They appear in a natural colour, the result of patient ageing in the shade of Aurian's century-old cellars in Condom...

The artisanal liqueur

It is a spirit drink produced with quality products to obtain a clever alcoholic flavouring of fruits (oranges, blueberries, strawberries...), plants and even dairy products! There are many different recipes to suit all tastes. Their production processes will amaze you...

Its Aperitifs

As with their liqueurs, the first step in making their wines is the infusion of plants, fruits and spices. The resulting infusion is blended with white or red wines (for example, tannic malbec wine from the Cahors vineyards).

Its beer

Beer is made with four basic ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and water. The brewers of Maison Aurian add ingredients that give a surprising smell and make their beers even more tasty. The beers of Maison Aurian are made in the craft brewery of Condom: "La salopette". There you will find dedicated brewers who are eager to share their passion with you. The fruit infusions used to make liqueurs are also used in the beers to make real fruit beers.

A committed company!

At the risk of repeating itself, Aurian is committed to using only natural and authentic products.

Concerned about environmental issues, Aurian is committed to having a responsible activity that respects nature. With this in mind, Aurian has reduced its waste by 80 %! It is committed to preserving its old buildings, particularly the century-old cellars. It is also committed to promoting the values of respect, listening and tolerance by placing importance only on the quality of work and the professionalism of its employees and suppliers. The environmental strategy of Maison Aurian is central to its development and has become a priority of the company.

How to become a temporary employee at Aurian?

If you want to get a temporary contract with Aurian, you must :

1/ Apply to FLEXIM Interim, highlighting your experience, if you have any, but above all your motivation!

2/ Submit your CV online here

3/ If your application is successful, all it takes is an electronic signature with Armado and you can start your assignment straight away! 

L'Artisan Liquoriste Liqueurs

Armagnac AURIAN - Our pride since 1880

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