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Companies: how to recruit employees via temporary work?

Companies: how to recruit employees via temporary work?

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Why recruit via temporary employment: 4 reasons?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider hiring a temp. Here are the 4 main ones:
- There are many people looking for temporary work. You will have no trouble finding someone to fill a temporary position quickly, by a competent person. You will normally be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the most suitable profile;
- there is little risk of finding the wrong person. Temporary employment agencies like Flexim have a strict recruitment process. For example, the agency must meet all applicants in person. The profiles of the applicants are evaluated and checked by interim recruitment specialists;
- you can evaluate the qualities of the person recruited over a long period. You can offer contracts of several months or even years on a temporary basis. You can therefore set the period of time over which you wish to evaluate the new recruit before possibly taking him/her on for the longer term;
- you save time on administrative procedures. Temporary employment agencies have a perfect command of the recruitment and management process of a temporary employee. You can therefore delegate all the administrative aspects of recruitment to them. This saves you valuable time and mental workload!

The 3 different conditions for recruiting on a temporary basis

Temporary contracts cannot be created in just any context. Here are the 3 conditions for creating contracts for temps. Whatever your sector of activity, there is a good chance that at some point each year you will find yourself in at least one of these conditions.

Replacement of an absent employee

Is one of your employees absent? Whatever the reason for the absence (work stoppage, work-related illness, sick leave, childcare, etc.), you can replace him/her with a temporary worker.

There is one exception, however: absence due to strike action. You cannot replace a striker with a temporary worker, no matter how long the strike lasts.

However, there are also maximum durations depending on the circumstances:
- 9 months pending the arrival of a new employee;
- 18 months if the company director is replaced;
- 24 months if the employee's departure results in a job loss.

These time limits are there to prevent temporary contracts from becoming systematic and replacing permanent contracts.

Change in temporary activity

Do you have more client requests at once, for example, in the run-up to Christmas or the summer? You can offer contracts to several people in this context via temporary employment. The reasons for this could be, for example
- exceptional orders;
- safety-related work ;
- a temporary increase in activity, regardless of the cause.

Contracts should also be for a maximum of 9 to 24 months.

Seasonal activity

Seasonal activity is the third main context in which the company uses temporary workers. This activity can be due to :
- to the harvest;
- to the fruit harvest ;
- the management of ski lifts in winter;
- to other customary jobs in certain sectors of activity determined by decree.

Remember: you cannot recruit a temporary worker for a normal company activity. This is the same as for fixed-term contracts. The risk is that you will be penalised, often in the form of a fine.

On the other hand, the temporary worker must be supervised. It is not a question of subcontracting an activity, but rather of supervising a third party.

What are the steps to take to hire someone on a temporary basis?

1/ Think about your needs: for which position do you need a temporary worker? What is the legal reason for hiring (sickness replacement, seasonal activity, etc.)?
2/ Choose the temporary employment agency you want to work with. Local or national agency? Specialised in your sector or generalist? 100% dematerialised or with real agencies?
3/ Sign the contracts. Once you have chosen to work with the temporary employment agency, it will accompany you through all the procedures. All you have to do is leave it to them to take care of everything!

You now have the essential information you need to know about hiring a temp. Don't forget that your temp agency is your main contact to help you decide to hire a temp!

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