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Despiau Chevalets in Gimont is recruiting on a temporary basis - employment

Despiau Chevalets in Gimont is recruiting on a temporary basis - employment

If you have a passion for woodworking or experience in making trestles, it's time to get your CV ready. The Despiau Chevalets company in Gimont is recruiting technicians to strengthen its on-site teams. 

The history of the company Despiau Chevalets

Jean-Louis Despiau, the heir to a family sawmill, has a dual passion as an artist and musician. Each stringed instrument is an assembly of several parts and among them is the bridge, a small piece of wood located between the strings and the soundboard. In 1984, he was the only one to take an interest in this small element. As an artist, he immediately recognised its potential and interest.

At that time, the standard models of instrument bridges were very limited. Convinced that he could offer something better to musicians of all backgrounds, Jean-Louis Despiau was the first to understand that the shape and choice of wood could really improve the acoustics of the instrument by helping the luthier, who works with complex instruments. He therefore decided to design a wide range of bridge models capable of adapting to the morphological diversity of instruments.

Despiau Chevalets, the company that combines a passion for wood and music

Time has passed in the last thirty years, but the energy and passion of Jean-Louis Despiau live on through his successors. Pierre-Jean Despiau, a tireless discoverer of hundred-year-old maples, and his brother Nicolas travel the world in search of all the places where the strings of a violin or a double bass resonate to export their trestles.

From the choice of wood to the design and cutting, each step in the production of the bridges is designed to meet the highest standards of luthiers and musicians. 

The company is still proudly based in the Gers, from where its Despiau bridges are shipped to the four corners of the world. It shines far beyond its country of origin and has won the hearts and ears of luthiers and musicians all over the world.

The objectives of the family business Despiau Chevalets

Today, the two brothers wish to perpetuate this unique know-how in the manufacture of easels. Aware of current issues, particularly concerning ecology, they have developed a range of easels: Despiau Planet. 

The objective here is to continue to provide quality trestles without harming the development of the forests. Each tree is carefully chosen for its qualities, not only aesthetic, but also technical, which requires time and vigilance. Not only that, Despiau Chevalets also wishes to be part of a humanitarian approach by sending free easels to the least favoured countries in the world so that music can continue to live.

Despiau Chevalets, values and philosophy

  • A family business that values the know-how of its employees.
  • Sharing and benevolence are at the heart of the policy of this Gimont-based company.
  • The human element remains important at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Job vacancies at Despiau Chevalets

Here are the positions to be filled at Despiau Chevalets on a temporary basis: 

  • technician trestle units
  • sawmill technician
  • high-end production technician

Why work at Despiau Chevalets?

  1. To participate in the national and international influence of an ancestral know-how.
  2. Integrate a team with varied profiles. 
  3. Fulfilment through rewarding jobs.

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