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Electrician: why and how to work as a temp?

Electrician: why and how to work as a temp?

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What are the tasks of an electrician?

There are two main types of electricians:
- construction electricians (BTP electrician);
- electricians in public lighting (PE).
Their main task is to ensure the electrical supply of a structure: residential buildings, commercial premises, individual houses, public buildings. In the context of a construction or a renovation.

The electrician is usually involved in the finishing work. They must coordinate with the other trades working on the site. They carry out electrical installations and connections.

Renovation assignments

The electrician carries out an electrical diagnosis and an upgrade to standards. These actions are essential to avoid any accident: electrocution, fire, etc. They are mandatory for any sale, depending on the age of the building.

Construction assignments

The architect or design office in charge of the project provides plans to the electrician. The electrician installs the elements, sets up the equipment, connects the installation to the building and to the external distribution network. Then it is necessary to ensure that it works properly.

In all cases, the electrician keeps abreast of changes in regulations. They must also know how to draw up and manage estimates and invoices, place orders, manage stock and maintain good relations with their customers, both private and professional.

What training is required to work as an electrician?

There are many training courses for acquiring the skills of an electrician. However, unlike other common temporary jobs, you cannot work as an electrician without a qualification or diploma.

The CAPs

Electrician, preparation and execution of electrical works, electrical equipment installer certificate, electrical equipment installer certificate, low current installer electrician certificate.

The BAC pro

Electricity and Connected Environments Trades, Electrical Engineering/Energy/Communicating Equipment, Certificates and Professional Titles.

BAC+X levels

BTS in electrical engineering, fluids and home automation, mentions and complementary training.

Most of the time, these courses are taken as part of the initial training course, as a teenager or young adult. It is also possible to follow them as part of a continuing education programme, after having already had a professional background in another sector.

What are the advantages of being an electrician?

There are many advantages to working as an electrician:
- the offer is important. Positions are available in companies of all sizes, spread throughout the region. In the Gers, for example, you can work in Auch, Fleurance, Condom or Gimont;
- the assignments can be very varied. You can work on small half-day projects as well as large projects lasting several months. Your clients will be both private individuals and professionals;
- You can start by working as a temporary worker or as a conventional employee. Once you have acquired enough experience and a network, you can set up your own business, according to your interests and values;
- The salaries of an electrician can be quite high, even for people who have only completed a CAP;
- You will usually have fairly standard working hours, on weekdays, during the day.

And the disadvantages?

The profession of electrician is not accessible without a diploma, qualification or experience. It therefore requires a minimum investment in training time.

Can you find a job as an electrician quickly?

Absolutely! To be sure, type the following keywords into your favourite search engine:
- job offer electrician Gers ;
- job offer electrician Condom ;
- interim electrician Auch.

You will see that several hundred offers are listed in certain French regions alone.

You can also find offers more quickly via the following sites
- website of your favourite temporary employment agency, such as Flexim intérim ;
- Pôle-Emploi ;
- Linkedin ;
- Indeed ;
- website of your training centre or college.

Typical salary for an electrician

It is common for an electrician to earn the minimum wage at the very beginning of his career. This is not always the case: the basic salary can be as high as 1,800 euros gross even for beginners.

Moreover, this salary will increase from the first years of activity to more than 2,000 euros after 5 years of experience, and up to 2,500 euros after 10 years of experience.

This salary will be increased by certain bonuses, especially if you work as a temp.

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