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Employment, DANIVAL in Andiran wants to expand its temporary workforce

Employment, DANIVAL in Andiran wants to expand its temporary workforce

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The history of the company DANIVAL

In 1990, Danival, an organic 100% cannery, was created by Daniel and Valérie, a farming couple at the Moulin d'Andiran in the South-West. In 1995, the first organic and local channels (courgettes, aubergines, peppers) were structured.

In 2002, the Solidarity Trade Charter was set up with French organic farmers. In 2005, the first ready-made meals in mobile formats were launched to enable consumers to eat organic food anywhere.

In 2011, the Légumes du soleil chain was awarded the BIOPARTENAIRE® label, an organic and fair trade label. In 2015, Danival implements the first recycling programme for plastic packaging in organic shops with Terracycle®. In 2016, Danival chose the Bioentreprisedurable® approach to formalise its CSR commitments.

Finally, this year, Danival is consolidating its CSR approach and committing to evolve on the 6 pillars of sustainable development in order to participate in the development of a coherent, sustainable and transparent bio.

DANIVAL, the organic specialists 

Daniel and Valérie wanted to create a cannery that was different from the large production chains. At DANIVAL, all the recipes are created or revisited by a real chef. The ingredients are carefully chosen, always in season and prepared with the greatest care to preserve their flavours and nutritional qualities. 

In the preparation workshops, the cooking is simple and authentic. No flavourings, no colouring or texturising products, even though this is permitted in organic cooking.

The vegetables come from farms with the BIOPARTENAIRE label (committed and fair partnerships with local farmers) in order to guarantee high quality vegetables. 

A company that values the local

In 10 years, DANIVAL has doubled its workforce by promoting local job creation. Today, the company has no less than 96 employees locally, helped daily by a team of disabled workers.

But that's not all. DANIVAL participates in the development of the local economy by providing a living to more than 30 local farmers within the framework of fair partnerships and respect for a Fair Trade Charter. These partnerships are governed by 3-year contracts with guaranteed prices. 

Where DANIVAL differs from other canneries is in its ability to combine organic and good food. It is one of the first French companies to have obtained Ecocert organic certification. All the products that come out of this cannery are 100 % organic. 

We have also taken concrete actions to continuously improve our production capacity, local sourcing, employee well-being, energy consumption and recycling in partnership with TerraCycle.

DANIVAL's objectives for the coming years

During the containment, DANIVAL saw its turnover soar. So much so that the company is now short of manpower. For more than a year, DANIVAL has been part of the Wessanend Group, an old Dutch food company specialising in the production of organic products.

Faced with the development of competition in the organic sector, DANIVAL wants to establish itself in the organic network through meaningful growth, with more demanding and more virtuous models, healthy recipes, long contracts and a better distribution of value with producers. This is why, since September 2021, DANIVAL has been associated with Bonneterre et Compagnie following the creation of a single sales force. 

DANIVAL's values and philosophy

  • Few but good ingredients and healthy recipes.

  • A short, local & fair circuit.

  • A company that makes it a point of honour to respect the environment.

  • An inclusive company that has been employing disabled people living in an adapted home 10 km from the Moulin d'Andiran since 1995.

Job vacancies at DANIVAL

The DANIVAL cannery is looking for motivated and dynamic people to join its teams. The temporary positions sought are : 

  • cook

  • production operator

  • autoclave

  • line conductor

  • warehouseman

So if you are interested in joining this cannery for a temporary assignment, please submit your CV and cover letter without delay. 

Good reasons to work at DANIVAL

  • A company that cares about the quality of its organic products.

  • To participate in the valorisation of the work of all the local actors of the organic sector.

  • Join a dynamic team. 

  • Work in a rewarding and diverse environment.

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