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Finding an interim job online in the Gers: a good idea?

Finding an interim job online in the Gers: a good idea?

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Find a temporary job online in the Gers

Some figures on the internet and the interim

In 2019, 35 % of temps are under 25, and only 11 % are over 50. This means that temping agencies are making sure they position themselves on the internet. Indeed, their main target is computer literate.

In fact, when you type keywords related to temporary employment into a search engine, you get hundreds of millions of hits. Many temporary employment agencies do not hesitate to use Google ads to improve the ranking of their website.

Finally, we can also observe that there are more and more queries on the internet about the temporary employment sector. If we look at the trends in Google Trends, for example, we can see that since 2013/2014 there has been a constant increase in the query "temping".

3 criteria that should prompt you to find an interim job online

Here are 3 good reasons why you should look for a temporary job on the internet.

1/ You are looking all over France

In this case, you will of course not be able to visit every temp agency in France! You can either go to a temporary employment agency in your area, which has branches all over France, or simply contact the agencies you are interested in via the internet.

2/ You want to have access to a lot of offers so you have a choice

The Internet is a good way of investigating the temporary employment market. By browsing the websites of small temporary employment agencies or temporary employment chains, you can get a better idea of the types of jobs available. Beware, this can be very time consuming!

3/ You are not at ease on the phone or face to face but are very good with web tools

In this case, finding a temporary job online will certainly be easier for you. You may find it easier to explain by e-mail or letter why your application is relevant. You will be able to think cold rather than hot, which is less disorientating.

Criteria to avoid finding an interim job online

On the other hand, there are also factors that should make you avoid looking for a temp job on the internet. These three main factors are:

1/ You live in the area where you are looking for a job

The temp agency may find it strange that you do not make the effort to travel if you are on site. This may suggest a lack of interest or motivation. Your application will be less valued than if you take the time to come to the job site.

2/ You do not master the web tools

You may end up spending too much time behind your computer or smartphone unnecessarily. You can save valuable time by going to a temporary employment agency or contacting them by phone.

3/ You don't have access to enough information about a temp agency or temp jobs on the internet

Have you done a quick search and can't find what you're looking for? Give up and contact an agency directly by phone or by visiting them. Maybe you've gone about it the wrong way. The agency will be able to put you back on the right track.

How to find an interim job online?

Here are the steps you can take to easily find a temp job online.

1/ Go to a general search engine such as Google

2/ Type the right keywords according to what you are looking for. Some examples: "interim batiment gers", "interim auch", "agence interim gers".

3/ Avoid clicking on the first links placed in the advertisement but rather look at the first results not highlighted by the advertisement

4/ Visit websites that seem to match what you are looking for

5/ Apply online for the positions you are interested in

6/ Send an email to the agencies you are interested in by making a spontaneous application

For this to work, you will need to spend at least 1 hour on your research. The more agencies you contact and the more jobs you apply for, the better your chances of getting a temporary job. However, be careful not to rush your applications. Even if they are made via the internet, they must be personalised every time.

Spelling and formatting must be impeccable because this is the only way your interviewers will be able to form an initial opinion of you.

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