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FLEXIM Interim offers 15 jobs, 10 benefits of working at Prolainat in the Gers

FLEXIM Interim offers 15 jobs, 10 benefits of working at Prolainat in the Gers

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Long-term temporary positions

Some temporary jobs have to be filled on a daily basis. This means that you have to keep looking for new contracts, and the time spent on administrative procedures is considerable. Long-term temporary jobs are therefore often more popular. They allow you to :
- save time;
- gain experience over several months, which is more valuable on a CV;
- acquire specific skills for a job.

The company Prolainat offers long-term temporary contracts. The 15 open positions will lead to contracts that run until the end of 2021 or longer.

A concrete visit to the factory before you decide

A two-hour tour of the factory is offered before you sign your contract. This will give you a concrete idea of how things work, the staff already in place, the premises and the work patterns. This will give you a precise and concrete idea of what to expect when you take up your post.

After the visit, you are free to decide whether or not to proceed. The choice is in your hands!

Continuous work: no choppy days

Temporary jobs, especially in the hotel and catering sector, can be organised in split days. You start early in the morning, have a long break in the afternoon, then work again in the evening until very late.

This is often incompatible with family life, or simply a pleasant pace of life. You also lose more time in transport if you go home during your unpaid break. You also have more fuel costs.

In contrast, continuous days avoid these constraints. You only have to make one round trip during the day, which limits costs and time lost on the road.

As a production worker, you will therefore work 7 hours 45 minutes at a time, with a 20-minute break.

Full supply of work clothes

Prolainat provides you with professional, safe and comfortable workwear. This saves you the cost of purchasing clothing and laundry. You can be sure that you will have the right outfit for your job. You don't have to worry about buying and maintaining it.

Salary higher than the minimum wage including holidays and bonuses

You will receive 10.25 euros gross per hour. In addition, you will receive 10 % in holiday pay and 10 % in insecurity pay, which will increase your salary by several dozen euros per month.

If you work night shifts, you will also receive a premium. This amounts to 30 %.

Beginner profiles are accepted

Have you never worked as a production agent before?
No experience in the food sector?
Are you a student who has never had a professional activity?
However, this does not mean that your application cannot be accepted.

You can still apply. Depending on your profile and your motivation, your application may be accepted. This will give you a first professional experience, which will open doors for you.

An asset for your CV in the food industry

The company Prolainat has been in existence since 1973. It is well known and reputed in the food industry, particularly by companies producing pastries or frozen foods.

After working for Prolainat for several months, you can include new work experience on your CV. This will be highly appreciated, as recruiters will most likely know the Prolainat company. This will give you a better chance of getting a new job as a production worker, or even a job requiring more skills and therefore better pay.

You can also highlight the fact that you have been recruited specifically to make a new range of ice cream.

Long-time collaborators

1/3 of the people hired by Prolainat have been employed for more than 20 years! This proves the quality of life at work in the company. There is a low turnover, which can be rare in the food industry.

Integration into a large food group

Prolainat was originally an independent company in the Gers. In 2006, Prolainat joined the Andros group, which is located nearby. This enabled the company to grow, increase its turnover and employment in the region (more than 300 employees) and remain sustainable.

An almost immediate start

Are you available today? That's great! You will be able to start your job in the days following your factory visit, in the spring of 2021.

Where to send your CV?

All Applications should be submitted on this page.

If you are looking to work in Auch or within a radius of a hundred kilometres, you have come to the right place by contacting FLEXIM Interim.

To this end, the temporary employment agency offers individual interviews to each temporary worker who contacts the agency.

This personal time allows us to better define the types of job that would suit you best: sector of activity, duration of the mission, schedule, geographical distance from your home. A job may be offered at this first interview!

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