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Forklift operator: find a temporary job in the Gers?

Forklift operator: find a temporary job in the Gers?

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What does a forklift operator's job involve?

A forklift operator performs a series of tasks throughout the day:
- movement of goods ;
- loading and unloading ;
- procurement ;
- storage and retrieval ;
- load removal ;
- setting up inventories.

They must follow the procedures of the company and the sector in which they work. They may have to use computer systems to carry out their work.

They use motorised or non-motorised equipment to facilitate their work: hoists, trolleys, stackers, pallet trucks, etc.

What training do you need to become a forklift operator?

Many positions can be filled without specific training or experience. However, in-house training will often be provided, particularly for :
- using IT tools ;
- be familiar with procedures, particularly those related to safety;
- learn to operate machinery, especially motorised machinery.

It is possible to train during your studies. To do this, you need to take one of the following courses:
- CAP Warehousing and Courier Agent ;
- CAP Logistics Operator ;
- BEP Logistics and Transport ;
- Bac pro transport.

If you did not take one of these courses when you were a student, you can opt for further training. You can take a Level 3 vocational qualification as a warehouse forklift operator.

In general, you must also obtain certificates of aptitude for driving safety equipment (CACES): forklifts, tractors, pallet trucks, stackers, etc. FLEXIM Formation offers training courses every month.

What are the advantages of being a forklift operator?

Compared to other logistics jobs, the job of a forklift operator is often more varied. For example, you don't just prepare orders, like an order picker. You perform various tasks to fulfil your duties.

Otherwise, the other advantages are those found in the most popular occupations:
- a strong demand from companies, which are constantly looking for candidates for their positions;
- the possibility of having a permanent contract in a less competitive sector;
- the choice of workplace: there is significant demand throughout the Gers

What are the disadvantages of working as a forklift operator?

Although handling is becoming increasingly simplified and mechanised, the job of a forklift operator is still a physical job. It requires strength and stamina, as well as concentration. It is obvious that this job is more tiring than that of an office worker. For some people, this is also an advantage, because the days pass more quickly.

Other disadvantages are:
- the salary at the beginning ;
- the need to work sometimes at night or at weekends.

How to find a job as a forklift operator quickly?

Your favourite search engine will be your best ally. If you are looking for a job as a forklift operator in Auch, type for example "job offer forklift operator Auch". You will probably see job offers on one of the following sites:
- Pôle emploi ;
- Linkedin ;
- Indeed ;
- the website of a temporary employment agency, such as Flexim intérim.

If you don't want to do this research yourself, go through an intermediary! For example, if you want to work around Condom or Fleurance, contact the Flexim Interim agency in these towns!

How much does a forklift operator earn?

Like many jobs that can be done without a diploma, the basic salary of a forklift operator at the beginning of his career is the minimum wage. That is to say, around 1,500 euros gross per month. To this basic rate can be added several tens or hundreds of euros in bonuses depending on the nature of the contract and the working hours.

A forklift operator can, however, develop internally by staying several years in the same company. He can become a team leader, warehouse manager or even a warehouse manager. Their salary may then exceed 2,000 euros net per month.

Are there many vacancies for forklift drivers in the Gers?

Yes, like in all the departments of France. For example, type in "forklift operator Gimont" or "forklift operator Fleurance" to be sure. You will see offers in these locations. You can also simply consult the FLEXIM interim internet search engine.

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