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Traffic jams in Toulouse, how to avoid them?

Traffic jams in Toulouse, how to avoid them?

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Reading this article will allow you to consider all the arguments that lead more and more people to leave the very large metropolises for provincial cities.

We will first see why traffic jams in Toulouse are a fatality that is detrimental to you and those around you. We will then look at how you can take control of your life and move away from urban areas that are causing you to lose your family life.

We will then look at all the good things about getting out of the big overcrowded areas, the new wellbeing, the new ways of working, etc.

Traffic jams in Toulouse: unavoidable

You have probably noticed it yourself: there are more and more traffic jams in Toulouse. Even though the city is quite cycle-friendly and has a good network of public transport and cycle paths, private cars are still used a lot.

You may have tried shifting your hours a little, leaving earlier or later for work. But nothing works. If you have office hours, getting stuck in traffic is inevitable. This doesn't stop at the weekend, for trips outside Toulouse to the ocean, the mountains, the supermarkets or the natural areas: everyone does the same as you and leaves home at the weekend with the same schedule as you.

Traffic jams in Toulouse are therefore inevitable, in the short and medium term.

Traffic jams in Toulouse: consequences

These are the consequences of living in traffic jams on a daily basis.

Health consequences

Some people say that if you cycle behind a moving car you lose all the benefits of cycling with all the gases you inhale. Few people know that it is actually the car driver who is most exposed to harmful gases in this situation!

The car is a closed container (even with the windows open), perfect for the gases to remain in. The air in a car is much more polluted than the air outside the car, even behind the exhaust pipe!

Repeated inhalation of these gases has negative health consequences: respiratory problems, reduced immune system, etc.

Consequences for quality of life

Irrespective of the medium- to long-term health consequences, traffic jams have a negative impact on health in the short term. They waste time, cause irritation and even anxiety.

This can have a negative impact on family life: the children are rushed more, they are stressed about being late for school. Once you get home in the evening, you are angry at having wasted so much time. At the weekend, we also think about outings in terms of traffic jams, and we refuse to go on certain outings for fear of spending too much time in the car...

Consequences for working life

The anxiety and irritation caused by time spent in traffic can also have negative consequences at work. Sometimes you arrive at work feeling as if you have already spent a day in your car, without having done anything productive.

In the evening, we may be in a hurry to finish as soon as possible and to rush through our work in an attempt to avoid the peak of traffic jams in Toulouse. This adds a mental load all day, to the detriment of productive tasks at work.

Alternative way of life to avoid traffic jams in Toulouse: work in the Gers

This observation about traffic jams in Toulouse is quite sad. Fortunately, we have an alternative to offer you! It is quite simple: come and work in the Gers. You won't be far from Toulouse, and you'll benefit from its advantages in small doses, while considerably improving your daily comfort in the long term. Here is why.

Save time

You can save several tens of minutes per day of freedom by spending less time in your car. Over the course of a year, that's several days of leisure time saved!

Earning as much or more money

The cost of living is cheaper in the Gers. You will probably have fewer car-related expenses. And, you will have more time. Finally, you will not earn less money, even if your salary is lower (which is not certain).

Being close to nature

You won't even need to take the car to be in the middle of nature, no matter which town in the Gers you live in. You will be in the heart of nature, even on foot, without traffic jams!

Building healthy and lasting relationships

You will be more relaxed to establish pleasant relationships with your neighbours. You will have more time to make them work!

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