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How to find a job in the Gers?

How to find a job in the Gers?

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Which employment sectors in the Gers employ the most people?

The Gers department is economically active, particularly in the agriculture and culinary tourism sectors. It will be in these 2 employment sectors that you will find the most job offers in the Gers.

The professions concerned are: agricultural employee, seasonal worker for harvesting or other agricultural work, travel advisor, receptionist, waiter, animator, salesperson, worker, etc.

The Auch-Gers airport area is also one of the most economically attractive. Numerous companies have set up their head offices here and are regularly looking for new employees.

How to find a job in the Gers by internet?

Here are the sites you can use and some tips.

1/ Use the services of Pôle emploi Gers

There are several dozen Pôle emploi agencies in the largest towns in the Gers. If you prefer to have direct contact with a Pôle emploi agent, you can go to one of them with or without an appointment.

But you can also access all the job offers online. To do this, go to the Pôle emploi website, on the page dedicated to Gers job offers (

You will have access to :
- to the names of the towns that recruit the most in the Gers: Auch, Condom, L'Isle-Jourdain, or Fleurance ;
- to a list of the most recent job offers in the Gers ;
- to a search bar to find a job according to your profession or sector of activity.

For example, you can enter "building" and "Gers" in this search bar. You will have access to a list of about a hundred jobs. You can apply online, without having to go to any agency. And you don't have to be an official job seeker.

2/ Thinking about temporary employment agencies in the Gers

All the major towns in the Gers have temporary employment agencies. It is not necessarily necessary to go to the agency to register and consult the available offers.

By typing "interim agency gers" into a search engine, you will have access to the websites of these temporary employment agencies, which now all have them. Explore the different sites which give an overview of the offers available.

If a temporary employment agency seems to have more vacancies in your area, contact them by phone. They can register you to receive each new vacancy directly.

3/ Use Indeed or other professional networks

Indeed is very good at quickly searching for a job in a specific locality. In the "Where" field, enter Gers or the name of a town in the Gers, and in the "What" field, enter the name of your profession or sector of activity.

The disadvantage of Indeed is that it does not offer exhaustive offers in all sectors. It is more effective for service or intellectual service jobs.

4/ Linkedin and employment in the Gers

Linkedin is not as good as Indeed for finding a job in the Gers. You can select jobs by location, but this is less user-friendly.

On the other hand, do not hesitate to create your Linkedin profile, especially if you are from the Gers. Add to your network all the people you know in the Gers, even those you know on a personal level. This will put you in touch with many people in the same department as you, who may be able to offer you job opportunities. Especially if you describe your current job search on your profile.

Why travel to find a job in the Gers?

If you already live in the Gers, it can be very useful to travel directly to potential job sites. It shows that you are really motivated if you take the time to travel.

Target a city and take half a day to drop by with your CV:
- in temporary employment agencies;
- in the Pôle emploi agency;
- with businesses, institutions or companies in your sector of activity.

Offer to leave your CV and describe what kind of job you are looking for. This way you can find a job much faster than spending days on the internet. You will also get more contacts and feedback on your application.

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