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How to find a temporary job in Auch with job boards?

How to find a temporary job in Auch with job boards?

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What is a job board? Why can it be useful for finding a job, even as a temp? How can I find a temporary job in Auch?

We will answer these questions based on our detailed knowledge of the employment sector and job search.

Job-board: definition

A job board is a word used to describe websites that advertise job vacancies in any sector. It is more rarely referred to as a "job site".

It can be consulted free of charge or for a fee.

They are of interest to job seekers, but also to recruiters, who can post their ads for free or for a fee. The advertisements are then put online and accessible to anyone who visits the site, via a search engine. More rarely, jobseekers have to register with the site in order to view the ads, or even pay for them.

There are job boards for very specific sectors of activity or geography, as well as international and generalist job boards: it's up to you to find the one that best matches your search!

In general, you can select job offers using several criteria: geographical area (city, department, region, country), sector of activity, type of position, nature of the contract (fixed-term, permanent, temporary, etc.), level of experience required.

This saves time rather than going around canvassing companies one by one!

What are the most popular job boards?

Here are the top 10 best-known and most used job boards in France:
- the Pôle-emploi website;
Indeed ;
- the search engine of Linkedin ;
RegionsJob (ideal if you are looking for a particular location);
Cadremploi (if you are looking for a management position) ;
- the site of APEC (a direct 'competitor' of Cadremploi);
Leboncoin Employment (also very useful for temporary jobs);
MeteoJob (which uses artificial intelligence to select the most suitable offers for you);
Welcome To The Jungle (the place to be for job hunting in the start-up and digital world);
Monster (an alternative to Indeed, less popular but why not).

To this list we can also add all job boards:
- local institutions: town halls, communities of communes, departmental and regional councils;
- large associations or federations: French red cross, French hospital federation, tourist office sites, etc.
- temporary employment agencies ;
- etc. etc.

How to use a job board?

Job boards are usually developed with the so-called "user experience" in mind. You will not need help to intuitively understand how each platform works.

In general, all you have to do is enter the type of job you are looking for, and select some filters or options. The list of matching jobs will then appear.

Find a temporary job in Auch thanks to the job-board: step by step

The website of Flexim Interim agency, located in 4 towns in the Gers and in particular in Auch, acts as a job board. How can you use it to find a temporary job in Auch? Here are the steps to follow.

1/ Go to Temporary employment opportunities

2/ You land on this new page summarising the current job offers from your temporary employment agency.

3/ If you are on a computer, press the Ctrl+F keys simultaneously. This will open a search bar. Type in "Auch": all the temporary job offers in Auch will be highlighted.

5/ All you have to do is make your choice and follow the steps indicated on the site to apply for the assignment.

Alternatives to job boards

You are not very connected, you feel like you spend more time figuring out how to use the internet than looking for a job when you try to use a job board? This happens. In that case, here are some alternatives to still find a temporary job in Auch.

1/ Go directly to the offices of a temporary employment agency in Auch, such as Flexim Interim. The agency will inform you directly about the offers currently available.

2/ Go to your local Pole-emploi branch. You can ask for help from the staff at the agency to guide you in using the job board.

3/ Contact a temporary employment agency in Auch by phone or email. They will be able to guide you through the steps to take to find a job in the Gers through them.

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