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Updating the Pôle Emploi in the temporary sector, 8 steps to success

Updating the Pôle Emploi in the temporary sector, 8 steps to success

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What is the Pôle emploi update?

Updating Pôle emploi is a compulsory monthly step to take if you are registered as a jobseeker. This applies even if you are not receiving benefits. This is done at the initiative of the jobseeker. The role of the Pôle-emploi advisers is not to make jobseekers think about updating their records: you have to think about it yourself every month.

The process only takes a few minutes and is done by internet or by phone. All you have to do is answer a few questions about :
- any jobs held in the past month, internships completed, sick leave;
- pensions received ;
- the willingness to be always on the lookout for a job.

Why is the Pôle emploi update necessary?

The Pôle emploi update has several functions:
- for those eligible for benefits, it allows their amount to be updated according to a return to partial activity;
- it allows you to declare a change in your personal situation, for example your geographical location. This way, more suitable job offers are proposed to you;
- it allows you to show the Pôle emploi that you are still looking for a job.

The administration may suspend the payment of the benefit or the job-search assistance if the update is not carried out.

What are the specificities of the Pôle emploi update when you are a temporary worker?

Whether you are a temporary worker or not, the Pôle emploi update process is exactly the same. The number of hours worked in the previous month is calculated in the same way, regardless of whether these hours were worked on a temporary basis or not. The gross salary received during temporary work is also entered in the same way as a salary received during a fixed-term contract.

If you have not yet received a pay slip from your temporary employment agency, you can enter approximate amounts. You will then have to send the final pay slips to Pôle emploi.

Pole-emploi / interim

The 8 steps of the Pôle emploi update for temporary workers

1/ Connect to the Internet via your computer or smartphone, or via a workstation at a Pôle emploi branch. Alternatively, you can also do this by telephone on 3949.

2/ Go to the Pôle Emploi website: then go to the Update me section. You may also prefer to use the Pôle Emploi application on your smartphone.

3/ Log in to your personal space with your login, password and postcode.

4/ Answer the questions. It is at this stage that you will have to indicate your temporary assignments, if any. You will need to enter the total number of hours worked during the month, adding up the hours worked on each contract if you have had several assignments.

5/ Save your declaration on your computer.

6/ Take a photo of the documents supporting the update, for example with your smartphone

7/ Send your supporting documents to Pôle emploi. Go to My personal space > My exchanges with Pôle emploi > Send and follow a document > Update - Change of situation

8/ Select the previously saved update receipt file on your computer and click on confirm.

What are the common mistakes when updating the job centre?

Here are the most common mistakes made by jobseekers when updating their monthly accounts.

1/ Forgetting to update in the first month
If I register on 20 January, I absolutely must update during the first month, i.e. before 15 February. The update must always take place between the 28th and the 15th of the following month.

2/ Delayed updating
If you update after the 15th of the month, you risk having your benefits suspended.

3/ Error in the number of hours worked
If you have not yet received a pay slip with the exact number of hours worked during the month, it is normal that you may make a mistake in declaring the number of hours worked. You should correct this information by sending your pay slip to Pôle emploi as soon as you receive it.

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