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Zoom : Working as a temp in Gimont with Craftine

Zoom : Working as a temp in Gimont with Craftine

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Interim Gimont Craftine

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Do you want to work in Gimont in the Gers via a temporary employment agency? Are you looking for a job as an order picker?

The Craftine company: presentation of this local company in Gimont

The head office and premises are located in the heart of the Gers, in Gimont.

History of the company

Carole and Christophe, the founders, are a professional and private couple.

Passionate about all kinds of handicrafts since childhood, Carole learned to sew from her grandmother's old Singer during her childhood. She developed this art over the years, until she wanted to make it part of her job.

Christophe is passionate about computers. He is particularly attracted to digital technology and the web. This does not prevent him from loving sharing and interaction between human beings!

Together they created the Craftine Box, an online haberdashery with storage and order picking facilities in Gimont. Their aim is to make it easier for everyone to do DIY by offering suitable items at a fair price.

Core business

You can browse the Craftine website: to better understand the purpose of the company. The aim is to sell haberdashery items via an e-commerce site: fabrics of every imaginable material, shape and colour, accessories for working with these fabrics, ribbons and classic or unusual patterns.

Here are the 4 features of their online shop:
- free delivery at home or in a relay point from 49 euros of purchase on the site;
- receipt by the customer the day after the online purchase;
- a very attentive customer service;
- secure payment directly online.

Type of operation and governance

It is a small, local, family-run business that operates simply and efficiently.

Interim needs

Craftine attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Hence the importance that packages arrive on time. For this, the company has recurring needs for order pickers to meet its delivery deadlines.

The order picker position at Craftine

This will involve working in the premises located in Gimont. The order picker will have to collect the products ordered on site, pack them and make them available to the sender in due time.

Why choose to work through FLEXIM interim in Gimont?

Our temporary employment agency in Gimont simplifies the process for you. We are used to working with Craftine and the recruitment process will be faster. In addition, you will benefit from the advantages of temporary work:
- end-of-contract insecurity premiums ;
- the least amount of administrative work to be done;
- access to FASTT services and assistance (financial, logistical, human, etc.).

The temporary employment agency will be one of your main contacts throughout the duration of your employment contract. It will pay you your salary every month.

How to work at Craftine via the temporary employment agency?

Here is the step-by-step process:
- You can contact us by telephone or directly at our temporary employment agency in Gimont;
- you provide fairly simple documents for your file;
- you express your wish to find a job as an order picker. You can also tell us that you are interested in working at Craftine;
- you sign your contract with Flexim interim;
- you start working!

There is nothing more to do!

What will this experience at Craftine bring to you professionally?

There are several advantages to working as a temp at Craftine.

Already, you will surely be happy to discover the inner workings of a small family business in the Gers. You will discover the other side (in the positive sense of the word!) of online sites. You'll learn about the whole process that allows some brands to send packages only 24 hours after the order has been placed.

This will also be an asset on your CV. You will be able to highlight the fact that you have worked on the premises of a company with a large online shop. Your future employers will be able to quickly check the seriousness of the company, which has a modern and functional website, via an Internet search.

Craftine website

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