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Temporary employment in the retail sector: 8 advantages

Temporary employment in the retail sector: 8 advantages

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Mass retail recruits on a temporary basis throughout the country

Are you looking for a job in the Gers, close to your current home? No problem! The demand for temporary employment in the retail sector is very high. In fact, companies face significant fluctuations in activity from month to month or year to year, which often leads them to opt for temporary work.

Do you have the urge to move around and discover different French regions? Mobility is quite possible in this sector, as there are shops all over France!

There are very different profiles for temporary jobs

Here is a sample of the jobs you can do in the retail sector on a temporary basis. You'll see that the assignments you'll be given will be very diverse! So, whatever your level of qualification, training and initial experience, you can find a job that matches your profile.

- Cashier
- Drive-through employee
- Self-service employee
- Vendor
- Butcher
- Fishmonger
- Delicatessen
- Pastry chef
- Baker
- Commercial
- Secretary
- Cargo handler
- Order picker
- Procurement Officer
- Inventor
- Truck driver
- Driver/delivery person
- Sales administration

Work only on weekends and public holidays possible

Does your lifestyle mean that you prefer to work at weekends? So you have all your days free during the week? The retail sector can offer you this type of position. Indeed, supermarkets are increasingly open at weekends and on public holidays. In addition, temporary work is very suitable for hiring on weekends and public holidays, as employees on fixed-term or permanent contracts often prefer to work during the week.

Choice of night or day work

It is possible to work at night in the retail sector. This means that you will receive an increase in your salary for the hours you work at night, in accordance with the Labour Code and the branch agreements in the retail sector.

Of course, there are also many temporary day jobs available. You can find a job that is exclusively daytime, exclusively nighttime or alternating between the two.

The possibility of professional development even in a temporary position

Do you intend to work on temporary contracts for a long time in the same locality or even in the same company? This is possible in the retail sector. If your managers are happy with your work, they can offer you temporary positions in more advanced and better paid functions. Provided, of course, that you stay in the same place long enough.

In addition, any interim experience in the retail sector can be used to join another company in the same sector.

Working in small or large companies

You are probably familiar with a number of supermarket chains: Carrefour, Casino, Super U, Decathlon, Kiabi, Leroy Merlin, etc. These are the best known brands. The mass retail sector is not limited to these large retailers. There are 44,000 food outlets in France, for example, and there are many independent shops and shops that are part of the retail sector.

You will therefore have access to positions in very different structures, which will allow you to vary and inevitably find positions that are more suited to your expectations.

Benefits in kind

When you work in the retail sector, especially in food shops, you may receive benefits in kind: recovery of unsold products, discounts, etc. You will not necessarily know when you sign your temporary contract whether benefits in kind are included. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out during your first days of employment.

An asset for your temping CV

You don't necessarily want to work only in the retail sector? That's not a problem! Working as a temp in this sector does not lock you in, far from it. On the contrary, it will enable you to acquire cross-disciplinary skills (such as teamwork), which can be used for temporary jobs in other sectors.

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