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Temporary work: top 10 growth sectors recruiting even on permanent contracts in 2021

Temporary work: top 10 growth sectors recruiting even on permanent contracts in 2021

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How do you know which sectors are recruiting the most in temporary work?

There are companies that automatically and systematically list all the job offers published on the internet every day. This includes temporary job offers. The data* collected by may then be used by other companies, including temporary employment agencies or specialist recruitment agencies.

The latter regularly publish surveys that provide information on the employment market at a given moment: this is known as an employment barometer. This is the case, for example, of certain companies in the human resources sector. They can use the data from the last few months to draw up the current state of the employment market and, above all, its trends for 2021.

The employment barometers distinguish between temporary job offers and others. It is therefore possible to know precisely which sectors are recruiting the most in interimand the most sought-after occupations for 2021.

Temporary work: top growth sectors recruiting even on permanent contracts in 2021
Top 10 jobs in temporary work in 2021

Which sectors will be recruiting the most temporary workers in 2021?

There are 3 sectors that will be recruiting particularly in 2021, despite the economic crisis linked to the health situation:

1/ health and personal services;
2/ transport ;
3/ the building.

The professions in demand in this first sector are those of childcare, home help, nursing or care assistant. Indeed, the health situation encourages hospitalisation and home care, as well as the partial closure of schools. People are more often at home, so they make more use of home-based service providers.

The second most popular sector for temporary work is transport and distribution of goods. Despite the economic context, the French are still spending money and are more inclined to have their goods delivered to their homes. There is therefore a need for labour to ensure all stages of goods transport.

The third sector is construction. This is a sector which, because of the exponential increase in population, is very resistant to crises. There are always many job offers in this sector, particularly in temporary work.

Are the sectors that recruit the most temporary or permanent staff the same?

Not necessarily. However, the greater the supply of jobs in a sector, the greater the statistical chance of finding a permanent contract via temporary work. The transport, health and construction sectors are therefore good providers of permanent contracts, although they also offer many temporary assignments.

What are the most sought-after jobs in temporary employment agencies in 2021?

Here are the top 10 most sought-after occupations in 2021 in the temporary sector:
1/ Heavy goods vehicle driver
2/ Forklift operator
3/ Order picker
4/ Electrician
5/ Maintenance technician
6/ Mason
7/ Manufacturing agent
8/ Production agent
9/ Nurse
10/ Material handler

Here again, the transport, industry, construction and health sectors are particularly well represented. Be careful, however: these jobs are the most sought-after in general. Some temporary employment agencies specialise in more specific sectors and offer very different jobs, particularly in the service sector.

Which geographical areas have more temporary work opportunities?

The study based on the data shows that the west and south-east of France are currently the areas that provide the most jobs. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessarily necessary to move closer to the capital to find a job. Temporary work can be a way of finding work in regions that are in demand and attractive.

Can I try my luck as a temp in a sector where I have no experience?

Absolutely. The most sought-after temporary jobs do not necessarily require long and specific training. For example, it is possible to work as a manufacturing agent or a handler without any experience in this field.

Pôle-emploi can also help you to find short, professional training courses that will enable you to access more qualified temporary jobs.

* Job Feed data

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