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Order picker: work as a temporary worker in the Gers

Order picker: work as a temporary worker in the Gers

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What does an order picker actually do?

Depending on the size of the company and the premises, the order picker carries out the following tasks
- receipt and verification of goods ;
- Preparation of the customer order is the core business. A pallet is most often used to pack the order, either electrically or manually. The movements can be motorised or on foot, but in any case, the order picker walks a lot in a day;
- ensure product safety;
- finalise the order, labelling it and placing it in the loading area.

The benefits of being an order picker

The following are benefits often described by people who choose to be an order picker, or who have been in business as one for several years:
- the market is favourable to employees: many positions are available, it is possible to negotiate certain aspects of the position (days worked, hours, time off, etc.);
- Accessibility of the job even without training ;
- a great need for labour throughout France;
- the possibility of internal development;
- a non-sedentary job, which allows physical activity, but without too much heavy lifting;
- a rather indoor job, sheltered from the weather;
- a job that can be done during the day or at night;
- the skills it develops: concentration, physical fitness, organisation, rigour.

The disadvantages of the job of order picker

As with any profession, there are some disadvantages to working as an order picker:
- the hardship: depending on the company you work for, the working conditions can be very physical;
- the impossibility of working in the event of even a minor trauma (sprain, partial rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, etc.), whereas it would be possible to continue working as an office worker;
- Routine: some people may find that they are doing the same thing over and over again. However, this is not at all a disadvantage specifically related to the job of an order picker.

How can I quickly find a job as an order picker?

Temporary employment is a very good way to find a job as an order picker quickly. Here's how it works:
1/ Find a temp agency in the area where you want to work. For example, in the Gers, you can contact the temporary employment agencies in Auch, Condom, Gimont or Fleurance.
2/ Register and state that you would like to work as an order picker.
3/ The agency will inform you of the positions already vacant.
4/ If nothing matches you, you will be contacted again by the agency as soon as a job matching your expectations comes up.

Are there alternatives to temporary work?

Yes, you can do this by :
- consult the Pôle-Emploi website. At the time of writing, no less than 18,000 job offers for order pickers are waiting to be filled;
- search on a general search engine for job offers, with keywords such as "order picker Gers", "order picker Auch", etc.

What initial or continuing training is required to become an order picker?

You will be able to work as an order picker without any particular qualifications. However, you will need certificates of competence to drive certain machines.

However, there are a number of training courses that lead to qualifications.

In initial training :
- BEP logistics and transport, packaging and packing ;
- CAP logistics operator, professional packer, warehousing and messenger agent ;
- BAC pro logistics.

In continuing education :
- professional title of warehouse agent ;
- professional title of warehouse order picker.

How much does an order picker earn?

An order picker starting out earns the minimum wage. There are often bonuses that increase the monthly and annual salary: precariousness bonus, holiday bonus, company benefits, etc., especially if you are a temporary worker.

After 5 to 10 years of experience, you can reach 1,900 euros gross.

You will also be able to progress, especially if you stay in-house with the same company. You will be able to access the following positions with higher salaries:
- warehouse operator ;
- dock manager ;
- team leader ;
- stock manager.

This will allow you to exceed 2,000 euros per month.

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