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Moving to Gers: advice from our temporary employment agency

Moving to Gers: advice from our temporary employment agency

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Why move to the Gers?

In the heart of the Occitanie region, the Gers is one of the most attractive semi-rural departments. Here is why.

Climate and natural areas

The Gers is an undulating department, with meadows and lakes, surrounded by mountainous terrain.

The climate is relatively mild and clement, even in winter. The vegetation grows in all seasons due to the medium intensity and frequency of rainfall.

The architectural and gastronomic heritage

Towns like Auch are full of historical treasures to visit. Gastronomy is not to be outdone: many restaurants in the small towns of the Gers or even in the heart of the countryside offer local specialities to locals and tourists alike.

Services and infrastructure

Auch being the prefecture of the Gers, it is the city with the most administrative infrastructures. On the whole, the towns and villages are well provided with local services, for both children and the elderly.


The Gers is a department with few differences in altitude. It is therefore easily accessible by train, car, bus, carpooling, plane or even bicycle!

Quality of life

All the towns in the Gers are on a human scale. The quality of life is therefore very good, as demonstrated, for example, by the repopulation of the department since the year 2000.

Is the demography booming or declining in the Gers?

At the end of the 19ᵉ century, the Gers was gradually emptied of its inhabitants. Since the 2000s, however, there has been a demographic revival. New people are settling in the Gers, there will probably soon be more than 200,000 inhabitants in the department again.

What is the job market in the Gers?

This demographic renewal proves the attractiveness of the Gers in terms of employment. The 2 major economic posts are :
- agriculture ;
- culinary tourism.

So there is a lot ofjobs in these and related sectors, especially in temporary work.

The department is a major producer of wheat, rapeseed and sunflower, which it also processes directly on site. The products created are sometimes exported throughout Europe and even outside the EU, such as popcorn.

Are there many temporary jobs in the Gers?

Yes! A quick look at our job search will prove it to you! There are always vacancies for temporary work in the Gers. Here is a far from exhaustive list of the temporary jobs available in the Gers at the time of writing:
- cook ;
- painters ;
- receptionists ;
- production agents ;
- packaging operators ;
- cleaners ;
- auto mechanics.

How can I get help to settle in the Gers?

Here is a list of tips for finding good advice on how to settle in the Gers:
- check out the Facebook groups related to the Gers (example: " Things to do in the Gers" ) ;
- ask your personal or professional network already in the country for help;
- contact thetourist office or the town hall of the place where you want to settle;
- consult the website of your future town hall, as well as other infrastructures you will need services for (schools, hospitals, sports clubs, etc.);
- Participate in the welcome meeting for newcomers, which is often organised by town halls at least once a year;
- Walk or cycle around the area once you are there: these modes of transport are conducive to human encounters and others!

How can a temporary employment agency help me settle in the Gers?

Are you planning to work as a temp? Contact a temporary employment agency in the Gerssuch as Flexim. The agency will be able to provide you with some information to facilitate your installation.

In addition, as a temporary worker, you are entitled to free assistance from the FASTT. This organisation is there to make your daily life easier by helping you materially, financially or humanely with your accommodation, childcare, health insurance, loans, mobility, etc.

Don't hesitate to ask for advice from our temporary employment agency located in 4 key locations in the Gers!

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