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Working as a temp in industry: jobs and benefits

Working as a temp in industry: jobs and benefits

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What is temporary work in industry?

The industrial sector is a source of many jobs in France, both in regular and temporary employment. It represents more than 10% of the national GDP. There are about 235,000 industrial companies spread throughout France. In theory, it is possible to work on a temporary basis in each of them.

Indeed, the industrial sector is faced with the need to rapidly increase its production at certain times. The easiest way to do this is to use temporary workers. The hiring of additional employees will allow the production rate to be increased without sacrificing quality.

More than 100,000 people a year are recruited in the industrial sector. There are all qualification profiles, from manual workers to senior technicians and engineers.

There are sub-sectors within French industry that hire on a temporary basis. Here they are:
- the biggest: manufacturing industry;
- energy production and distribution industries;
- water production and distribution, and sanitation industries;
- the extractive industries.

Industries are also classified according to their size, based on the number of employees.

Large and medium-sized companies hire more temps, but SMEs and microenterprises can also use them.

What are the temporary jobs in the industry?

The main occupations recruited via temporary work are the following.

  • Production occupations
  • Mechanic, welder, maintenance worker, fitter, shredder, turner, quality control specialist, logistics assistant, boilermaker, machine operator, pipe fitter, sheet metal worker, industrial painter.
  • Maintenance and installation occupations
  • Electrician, electro-mechanic, control operator, maintenance mechanic, maintenance technician, maintenance manager
  • Jobs in agriculture
  • Landscape worker, gamekeeper, soil scientist
  • Management professions
  • Salesperson, human resources assistant, sales engineer, team manager.

How to find a temp job in the industry?

Most general temporary employment agencies offer positions in the industry. Of course, temporary employment agencies specialising in very specific sectors such as healthcare do not offer this type of position.

If you are restricted in your geographical mobility, opt for a temporary employment agency located in the locality in which you wish to work. For example, if you are looking for a job in the Gers, you can register with FLEXIM interimwhich is very present in this department.

5 advantages of working as a temp in industry

Here are the five main advantages of choosing an interim job in the industry.

Diversifying your business

Even if you are in the same type of temporary position, you may work in very different industrial sectors:
- the chemical, pharmaceutical and mineral industries;
- the food industry ;
- the metal industry ;
- the electronics industry ;
- the transport industry ;
- the textile manufacturer ;
- the wood or paper industry ;
- other industries (sports, toys, etc.).

You can learn different technical skills.

Work when you want to

You favour night jobsHow can you get more money per hour on night shifts? You will be able to find this type of job in industry. Indeed, many production companies work 3×8 shifts and need workers, technicians and sometimes even engineers, including on night shifts.

On the other hand, do you prefer a position with daytime hours, and only during the week? There is so much demand in the industrial sector that this type of position, which is often more compatible with family life, remains accessible.

You may also find jobs that require shifts, especially at weekends and on public holidays, and both full-time and part-time jobs.

Find a job quickly

Are you in a hurry and want to start a temporary contract as soon as possible? The chances are that the temporary employment agency you are contacting will be offering a job dating in the industrial sector very soon. After all, demand is high in this sector. There is a constant need for labour, especially during certain seasons. You will therefore be able to find a job quickly, more so than in other more competitive sectors.

Being hired even without experience

Do you have little professional experience, and even less in the industrial sector? You have never worked in the food industry, but the temporary employment agency you are registered with offers positions in this sector? No problem! These positions are also available to you. Lack of experience is not a barrier.

An asset for your CV

You may have the chance to work in a large industrial group. There are still many whose factories are located in France. This will be very valuable on your CV: your future recruiters will appreciate that you have gained experience in a large industrial group.

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