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8 reasons to temp in times of crisis

8 reasons to temp in times of crisis

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Access to a wide range of job offers

Do you think the job market is saturated in times of crisis? Unfortunately, let's be honest: you are not wrong. But of course that doesn't mean that you can't find a new job!

Apply for a temporary employment agency is relevant in these difficult times. This is because they aggregate vacancies from very different employment sectors. As a general rule, in times of crisis, not all employment sectors are affected by the lack of offers. The multi-sectoral aspect of temporary work therefore allows access to more offers than by other means.

Temporary work can give you the opportunity to work in a sector that you might not have gone into at first. It can allow you to potentially challenge your preconceptions, without committing yourself directly to an employer for a long period of time.

Finding a job in times of crisis
Temporary work in times of crisis

Building your professional network through temporary work

Periods without a job on a CV are never worthwhile. If you can't find a job that perfectly matches your expectations, it's better in times of crisis to open yourself up to other possibilities. This will allow you to fill out your CV but also to expand your professional network.

Sometimes it is enough to work only a few weeks in one place to make strong connections with colleagues. Temping allows you to get to know people under pleasant conditions. The encounters that arise from even short-term temp jobs can sometimes open doors to more permanent contracts and exciting assignments.

To have access to more offers in different sectors

The value of being part of a temporary employment agency is to have access to a wide range of job offers. Temporary employment agencies work with companies in many different sectors. Even if you are interested in a limited number of sectors, the recruiters at the agencies can suggest other types of jobs that you might not have thought of.

Testing alternative ways of working

The companies that recruit in times of crisis are often those that are in the best financial shape, that manage to innovate and undertake to get through the crisis. Working alongside them can therefore be very rewarding. It can allow you to see other ways of operating and adapting.

Enriching your CV for better days

Accepting temporary assignments in times of crisis can be a proof of your dynamism and commitment in any period. Future employers may value the work experience you have gained in times when it is difficult to find a job.

Benefit from teleworking opportunities like other employees

The law obliges companies to make as much use as possible of telework during a pandemic. This also applies to temporary employees. So, whatever the sector of activity, temporary workers can limit their time spent in transport and work from home, if the job lends itself to it.

Aid of several hundred euros for temporary workers

In November 2020, the French government announced grants for temporary workers. This aid could go up to 900 euros. This means that the state is ready to support employees, self-employed and temporary workers alike.

Temporary workers of course pay contributions to the state. It is therefore normal that they are not forgotten. Although everyone hopes that such a period of economic inactivity will not recur in the years to come, it is nevertheless reassuring to know that the State would still be there to provide financial support for temporary workers.

Entering the labour market even in times of crisis

Some politicians are talking about a sacrificed generation due to the current pandemic: the young people who should have entered the labour market in 2020 or 2021. It is true that many young people are finding it more difficult to get their first job at the moment.

Opening up to temporary work can increase your chances of entering the labour market more quickly.

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